ILO Internships

ILO Internships

Internships with the ILO provide an opportunity for selected undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students who are pursuing a course of study or work in fields related to the ILO’s mandate and activities to:

(a) increase their understanding of relevant issues at the international level by involving them directly in the work of the Office and the application of ILO principles, programmes and strategies;

(b) gain practical work experience related to their academic background or future work in the field related to ILO’s mission.


In order to be considered for an internship at the ILO, applicants should meet the following requirements and qualifications:


  • Applicants should have completed graduate and/or postgraduate studies or be in the final year of undergraduate studies;
  • Applicants should hold degrees in disciplines considered relevant to the ILO’s work, e.g. international law, economics, industrial relations, political science, and the social sciences.Nationality: Applicants can be of any nationality.Languages:Applicants should have a working (both oral and written) knowledge of at least one of the ILO’s official languages (English, French or Spanish).


  • Applicants should be able to adapt to an international, multicultural, multilingual environment;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Ability to work fairly independently or as part of a team;
  • Initiative and flexibility;Other:
  • Any past work experience and knowledge of IT-related work would be an advantage;
  • Close relatives of a serving ILO official are not eligible to apply.The length of an internship should not normally be less than three months nor exceed six months.Where an intern is not supported by an institution (university, government or otherwise), a stipend to cover basic subsistence costs wIll be paid.

Please send any questions by email at: recruit[at] Or: internship[at] for general enquiries regarding internship opportunities.

For more information see; ILO Internships Website

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