Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) – Kenya Internships

Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) – Kenya Internships

Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP); Apply for both Scholarship and Internship Based in Mombasa – Kenya.

CRCP research focuses on resource use, coral reef and fish monitoring, climate change, and marine protected areas.

Results from this work have already provided important lessons that can be applied to the wider region.

Research, outreach, capacity building and education are all important elements of this conservation program.

Students/investigators are invited to apply for a volunteer position with Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP).

Positions usually last from 2 to 3 months, with potential to stay up to 6 months.

Student/investigators will work in ongoing research programs but will also have the opportunity to work on their own independent research as long as it does not detract from existing research and work schedules.

Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) can often assist with small or permanent research, snorkeling and diving equipment but cannot cover salaries, and students/investigators from outside the region are expected to cover their international travel and some basic living expenses including cost of food.

Students/investigators can stay at the Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) office for a minimal fee of US$5 per night.

It can only house and coordinate 2 students/investigators at any one time, therefore timing is important, and interested students/investigators will need to plan in advance to be able to coordinate among other visitors.

Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) is located in a beachside office, next to the Mombasa Marine National Park and has a good computer network (5 networked Apple computers), a library (7000 titles), two bedrooms, and cooking and washing facilities.

As part of the conditions for working with Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP), students/investigators are required to leave their data with the project at the end of position, and students/investigators grant authority to Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) to use this data for future studies and to insure quality analysis.

Scholarship and relevance of work are prime considerations in being accepted into the program.

The project is currently listed among the top 10 coral reef institutions based on its rate of publication.

It also has a scholarship program that supports a few African – Indian Ocean nationals every year.

Please use the below contact for more information.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to contact Nadya Cartagena at wcsafrica[at] or to WCS Africa Program, 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460.

For more information and Internship application, search: Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP)

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