Kabale University Fees Structure 2021 – 2022

Kabale University Fees Structure 2021 – 2022

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   Office of the Academic Registrar

2020/2021           ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES AND FEES     


  1. Consequential Charges

Certification of academic papers                   3,000= (per copy)

Late Registration fee                                   30,000= (per year)

Lost admission letter replacement                5,000= (per issue)

Lost Certificate/Transcript replacement         50,000= (per issue)

Lost examination card replacement              5,000= (per issue)

Lost Identity Card replacement                    20,000= (per issue)

Lost Library card replacement                     3,000= (per issue)

Lost registration card replacement              5,000= (per issue)

Retake/missed paper fee                           50,000= (per paper)

Special Examination fee                            30,000= (per paper)

Surcharge (Late Payment Fee)                  50,000= (Per Semester)

  1. (Optional)                      Meals                         444,000=  (Per Semester)

Accommodation           100,000=  (Per Semester)

  1. Postgraduate Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fee                   60,000= (Per Year)

Contribution to NCHE                         20,000=  (Per Year)

Development Fund                             100,000=  (Per year)

Examination Fee                               100,000=  (Per Year)

Games Union                                    20,000=  (Per Year)

Identity Card                                     20,000=  (Paid Once)

Library Fee                                       50,000=  (Per Year)

Medical Fee                                     15,000=  (Per Year)

Registration Fee                                60,000=  (Per Year)

Research Fee                                    200,000=  (per Year)

Student Guild Fee                              20,000=  (Per Year)

Students’ manual                               20,000=  (Paid Once)

Undergraduate Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fees                    30,000=    (Per Semester)

Contribution to NCHE                           20,000=    (Per Year)

Development Fund                                50,000=    (Per Semester)

Examination Fee                                  50,000=    (Per Semester)

Games Union Fee                                10,000=    (Per Semester)

Identity Card                                        20,000=    (Paid Once)

Library Fee                                          20,000=    (Per Year)

Medicare Fee                                       30,000=    (Per Year)

Registration Fee                                   20,000=    (Per Year)

Research Fee                                       20,000=    (Per year)

Student Guild Fee                                10,000=    (Per Semester)

Students’ manual                                  20,000=    (Paid Once)

University Gown                                    20,000=    (Paid Once)

Training materials (For Engineering)        50,000=    (per Semester)

Transport fee (Health Sciences only)       170,000=  (Per Semester)

Laboratory Fee (Health Sciences only)    200,000=  (Per semester)

  1. In-service Functional Fees (Compulsory)

Computer Laboratory Fees            30,000=    (Per Semester)

Contribution to NCHE                    20,000=    (Per Year)

Development Fund                        50,000=    (Per Semester)

Examination fee                            50,000=    (per semester)

Games union                                10,000=    (per Semester)

Identity card fee                             20,000=    (Paid Once)

Library fee                                     20,000=    (per year)

Medical care                                 15,000=    (per year)

Registration fee                              20,000=    (per year)

Research Fee                                20,000=    (per year)

Student Guild fee                           10,000=    (per Semester)

Students’ manual                           20,000=    (Paid Once)

University gown                              20,000=    (paid once)

Fieldwork/Study/Industrial Training/Attachment/Internship/School Practicefee (Paid according to the Academic Programme offered)

Bachelor of /Diploma/Certificate in Public Administration and Management100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of /Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of /Diploma in Education (school practice)100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics 100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of Environmental Health Science200,000= (par year)

Bachelor of Land Use Planning and Management150,000= (per year)

Bachelor of Nursing Science200,000= (per Year)

Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management 100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of/Diploma in Business Administration 100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of/Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of/Diploma in Tourism150,000= (per year)

Bachelor of/Diploma/ Certificate in Library and Information Science100,000= (per year)

Bachelor of/Diploma in Environmental Science 150,000= (per year)

Bachelor of/Diploma/Certificate in Records Management100,000= (per year)

Diploma in Health Services management 100,000= (per year)

Bachelor/Diploma Programmes in Engineering150,000= (per year)

Geography students100,000= (per year)

Students of French200,000= (per year)

Students of Medicine (Clinical and Community placement)300,000= (per year)

University fees are deposited with either STANBIC BANK or CRANE BANK (Kabale University Accounts)

  • STANBIC Account Details: A\C Number: 9030005669277A\C Type: Current; Stanbic Bank Kabale Branch
  • DFCU Account Details: A\C Number: 1011011020000433A\C Type: Current; Kabale Branch

ONLY Development Fund is deposited with CENTENARY BANK: Kabale BranchA\C Number: 7010400026A\C Type: Current

Contribution to NCHE should be deposited with the NCHE Stanbic Bank Account:

  • : Students’ Collection; A\C Number: 9030005961997;  Kyambogo Branch

The University Council reserves the right to adjust the fees without prior notice.

These Programmes are run over Weekends, during Fulltime, or in Recess/Holiday Sessions.

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