Kabale University Application Procedure

Kabale University Application Procedure

The Following Constitute the Kabale University Admission Procedure:

  1. Programmes on offer are advertised by the Academic Registrar before the opening date for the semester and/or academic year.
  2. Applicants are provided an outline of the academic programmes offered with respective admission and fees requirements so that they select programmes of their choice.
  3. An applicant pays an application fee (fixed from time to time), after which he/she receives and completes an application form.
  4. The Admission Office receives applications and an Admission Committee (constituted by the Vice Chancellor, Faculty Deans, Institute Directors and Departmental Heads) reviews the applications for selection. Applicants who qualify for the academic programmes applied for are issued admission letters by the Admission Office.
  5. The admission letter states the applicant’s name, programme he/she is admitted to, date of reporting, all registration requirements and the award to attain at completion of the programme.
  6. All applications are submitted and admission letters issued before the date of commencement of the semester and/or academic year

Kabale University Application Procedure 

II Change of Programme of Study

  1. Only fresh students are at liberty to change to another programme of study providing he/she fulfils admission requirements for it (the programme).
  2. A fresh student who wishes to change to another programme of study completes a programme transfer/change form that is availed to him/her by the Registration Office.The programme change form shall not be complete until it has been endorsed by the releasing Head of Department, the receiving Head of Department and the Academic Registrar.
  3. Any programme change is subject to the scrutiny of the Admissions Committee before it is finally approved as acceptable for registration.
  4. No programme change shall be acceptable after thirty (30) days from the commencement date of the semester and/or academic year.
  5. Any student who may find it inevitable to change the programme of study after the stated duration of thirty (30) days has to re-apply and get admitted as a new applicant.

III. Applicants from Countries where English is not Exclusively the Sole Language of Instruction in Schools

  1. Before admission, such applicants are subjected to an English Language Proficiency (ELP) test.
  2. Only those applicants whose score is at least the mark recommended by the Senate are admitted to mainstream programmes of study.
  3. The applicants whose ELP test score is below a mark recommended by the Senate are admitted to a one-year English language proficiency programme of study. It is after exhibiting adequate proficiency in English language that such applicants are admitted to mainstream study programmes.


  1. ONLY applicants with official Transcripts/Result Slips and/or Certificates will be considered.
  2. Applicants for postgraduate programmes and upgraders must attach certified copies of their Transcripts and/or Certificates.
  3. Applicants holding international academic documents must also attach copies of equivalence documents obtained from the Uganda National Examinations Board or Uganda National Council for Higher Education, as the case may be.
  4. Information on specific admission requirements for all programmes can be obtained from kab.ac.ug (under Study at KABFees Structure), Academic Registrar’s Office, Liaison Offices in Kampala and Kigali.
  5. Use the programme codes (not full names of programmes) when filling in choices
  6. All enquiries should be addressed to admissions@kab.ac.ug; or call 078 860259

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