List of Undergraduate Courses Offered at ISBAT University

List of Undergraduate Courses Offered at ISBAT University

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Applied Information Technology

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia & Animation

Multimedia and Animation are important domains of the entertainment, design and IT business sector. Computer-aided animation, special effects, lighting, spatial relationships and 3D-modelling etc., that plays important role in today’s multimedia and digital content creation business are incorporated of this course.

Also, emphasizes the design and implementation of 2D and 3D-animation for a wide variety of multimedia products. Ultimately, students shall be able to gain interpersonal and hands on production skills which will lead them to wider career paths and get acquainted with the latest information technology in digital media applications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Completion of O’ level (UCE) with 5 passes at Credit level OR its equivalent
  • Completion of A’ level (UACE/GCE/IB) with 2 Principal Subjects Passes and 2 Subsidiary Passes at the same sitting
  • Equivalent Secondary Education equated to Uganda Advanced level (A’ Level / UACE) is a must for all foreign Students.
  • Students who completed their O’ level – and a two year Certificate in any of the ICT discipline from an accredited University / Tertiary institution are eligible for admissions

Career Scope

  • Media Professionals
  • Gaming & Animation professionals
  • Film Editors
  • Designers & Advertisers
  • Photography professionals
  • and many more…

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