ISBAT University Uganda Foundation Program

ISBAT University Uganda Foundation Program


Foundation Programs are widely accepted by many Higher Education institutions as an entry bridging component. In order to assist prospective students who do not have ‘A’ level (or did not reach the requisite grades at ‘A’ level, note that this option is not open to Ugandans, a Mature-Age Examination Entry Certificate, the IB qualification, or expatriate students from neighboring countries who did not achieve a C++ in the school-leaving examination in their home country, the foundation program will bridge the gap between school and university.

This innovative program is carefully formulated between the support skills needed for academic life and academic subjects needed to sustain university studies. The mix of courses offered on the program will set prospective students on a path to achieving their goals of obtaining a university education.


The International Foundation Year Program at International School of Business and Technology is designed to provide future university students with further qualification and orientation to obtain essential skills for academic success. Among these are:

  • Credentials for admission to ISBAT and other English-speaking universities around the world
  • Strong academic and study skills
  • Fundamental knowledge in core academic subjects
  • Academic English

This program is offered as a full-time, one-year intensive program with two semesters.

Objectives of the Program:

The Program objectives are as follows:

  • To provide a perspective to candidates who have insufficient secondary education duration at par with Uganda Standards
  • To bring about the university learning in pace in the life of the student
  • To equip the candidate to understand the difference and bridge the gap of university learning and secondary education
  • To orient the candidate in the different stream of learning to choose the right specialization for a career path.
Learning Outcomes:

The foundation program is intended to bring about the following learning outcomes with its participants.

  • Engage in effective critical inquiry by defining problems, gathering and evaluating evidence, and determining the adequacy of argumentative discourse
  • Think creatively about complex problems in order to produce, evaluate, and implement innovative possible solutions, often as one member of a team
  • Apply knowledge and the methods of reasoning characteristic of mathematics, statistics, and other formal systems to solve complex problems
  • Work productively as individuals and in groups
Structure of ISBAT International Foundation Program:
Code Course Units LH TH PH TCH CU
FPB101   Academic Skill Orientation    15 15 15 30 02
FPB102   English Language for University Studies   25 20 20 45 03
FPB103    Foundational Maths       30 30 0 45 03
FPB104     Foundational IT    30 30 30 60 04

Total Credits: 12

Code Course Units LH TH PH TCH CU
FPB201 Study Skills 30 30 30 60 04
FPB202 Effective Writing and Communication Skills 30 30 30 60 04
FPB203 Introduction to Business & Management 15 15 15 30 02
Code Course Units LH TH PH TCH CU
FIT204 Introduction to Programming 45 30 0 60 04
FBA204 Business Planning 45 30 0 60 04

Total Credits: 14