UCE 2020 Exams Over 50% from Seed Schools Score Div 4

By | August 3, 2021

The idea of “Seed Schools” is a practical remedy to the immediate challenge of setting up infrastructure. The basic idea ran as follows: “Let each sub-county offer land; let the community identify what they are able to contribute; let the government, where feasible, construct classroom blocks and pay the teachers who work in the school.” This is an addition to USE policy

The performance of seed schools slightly improved at all divisions. There is also an increase in candidature in the seed schools

This analysis is based on the general performance of schools on the Division level.

Sch.sDistrictDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4Div 9
Maruzi Seed SSApac4262728
Buwambo Seed SSWakiso42533322
Kansanga Seed SSKampala2453589718
Lagwai Seed SSPader21837331
Kalisizo Seed Sch.Kyotera12517452
Mustard Seed SSKamuli61317336
Mpumudde Seed SSJinja61323406
Kigumba TC Seed SsKiryandongo628376415
Katunguru Seed SSRubirizi1019272
Namasale Seed SSAmolatar159123
Chahi Seed SSKisoro22036587
Kabingo Seed SSIsingiro4410282
Kuju Seed SSAmuria1510193
Kkome Seed SSMukono68192
Kalongo Seed SS,Nakasongola21429558
Morungatuny Seed SSAmuria218254714
Lefori Seed SSMoyo97195
Bulunguli Seed SSIganga11424731
Lagoro Seed SSKitgum118204911
Orom Seed SSKitgum35131
Ngariam Seed SSKatakwi311153
Pakadha Seed SSZombo210253810
Bagezza Seed SSMubende415438217
Butte Seed SSIganga1515508
Bulamu Seed SSMpigi316256715
Atutur Seed SSKumi1725516
Mateete Comp, Seed SsSsembabule817428629
Obalanga Seed Sch.Amuria812316
Lotuke Seed SS,AbimAbim512303
Bukonte Seed SSNamatumba14246510
Kobwin Seed SSNgora312539825
Namalu Seed SSNakapiripirit58255
Purongo Seed SSNwoya18133512
Nyamirama Seed SSKanungu1614448
Ruyonza Seed SSNtungamo614661
Kitgum Matidi Seed Sch.Kitgum9303920
Kidongole Seed SSBukedea12265320
Rwemikoma Seed SSKiruhura812615
Ayer Seed SSKole19259010
Kaikolongo Seed SSLwengo19156410
Karera Seed SSSheema222465
Lyama Seed SSBudaka511247924
Kanara Seed SSNtoroko46157
Kagunga Seed SSRukungiri27198010
Mpeefu Seed SSKagadi115318926
Baligeya Memorial Seed SSBuyende711216436
Kikatsi Seed SSKiruhura462
Makuutu Seed SSIganga12204913
Ofua Seed SSAdjumani6123813
Walibo Seed Sch.Iganga894713
Bumasifa Seed SSSironko15133915
Romogi Seed SSYumbe115428
Galilaya Seed SSKayunga36138
Lwabiyata Seed SSNakasongola18216025
Muramba Seed SSKisoro49328
Kisiita Seed SSKakumiro26187321
Bukabooli Seed SSMayuge127229
Naggulu Seed Sch.Wakiso114228732
Ojetenyang Seed Sch.Serere111238530
Busede Seed SSJinja15329440
Pader TH Lagwai Seed SsPader6302
Burunga Seed SSKiruhura8175822
Makhai Seed SchMbale3132614
Butiaba Seed SSBuliisa35337
Apo Seed SSYumbe22156117
Nyamarebe Seed SSIbanda4227321
Apopong Seed SSPallisa14247141
Nakapiripirit Seed SSNakapiripirit14204
Bugunzu Seed SSSironko16306938
Omot Seed SSAgago6113118
Kikagate Seed SSIsingiro2493921
Rushoroza Seed SSKanungu13115718
Butoloogo Seed SSMubende31217
Masha Seed SSIsingiro16178
Bumayoka Seed Sch.Bududa3103118
Kapeke Seed Sch.Kiboga1263615
Kinuuka Seed SSLyantonde15168
Kinyogoga Seed SSNakaseke1281617
Kisozi Seed SSGomba412166865
Nalusala Seed SSSironko463319
Omiya-Anyima Seed SSKitgum12156
Koch Ongako Seed SSOmoro1132814
Kyayi Seed SSGomba241212
Bukhalu Seed SSBulambuli282821
Kagote Seed SSKabarole9148256
Kameruka Seed SSBudaka1184426
Kiyuya Seed SSMasindi3138843
Chemanga Seed SSKween15207960
Namugongo Seed SS,Kaliro9238577
Busaba Seed SSButaleja4143439
Jangokoro Seed SSZombo251919
Bundikahungu Seed SSBundibugyo2103532
Bumadu Seed SSBundibugyo7104948
Ogoko Seed SSArua1105037
Karusandara Seed SSKasese152425
Shitumi Seed SSBududa1112023
Bufunjo Seed SSKyenjojo151728
Bubandi Seed SSBundibugyo11943

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