Uganda TotalEnergies Transformative Scholarships

By | October 23, 2023

TotalEnergies Uganda’s Transformative Scholarships: Empowering Students from Uganda’s Oil Regions.

In the heart of Uganda’s thriving oil region, young dreams are being ignited, one scholarship at a time. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of TotalEnergies EP Uganda (TEPU), students from the less advantaged rural areas of Nwoya and Buliisa districts are getting a chance to shine on the national stage. These scholarships not only provide them with a first-class education but also open doors to opportunities they could have only imagined. Today, we share the inspiring stories of three students who have journeyed through TEPU’s scholarship program and the transformative impact it has had on their lives.

Isaac KANDEBE: Paving the Way for a Bright Future

In 2017, Isaac Kandebe’s life took a remarkable turn when he became a beneficiary of the TotalEnergies EP Uganda scholarship program. Hailing from Masindi District, Isaac was admitted to the prestigious Namilyango College School, where he majored in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Information and Communication Technology (PCM/ICT). The TEPU scholarship was the beacon of hope he needed, propelling him towards a brighter future.

Upon completing his Advanced Level (A-Level), Isaac’s academic journey continued. In 2019, he was admitted to Makerere University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Industrial Chemistry, funded by the Higher Education Students Financing Board. Fast forward to February 13, 2023, and Isaac graduated with flying colours, boasting a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.35. For Isaac, this scholarship was not just financial aid but a life-changing opportunity that allowed him to become the first in his family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Isaac’s story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the TEPU scholarship program. His message to young scholars in the oil-rich districts is clear: “Embrace the TEPU Scholarship opportunity. We all have dreams, but they only come true when we chase them.”

Isaac OPIYO: Nurturing Dreams with TEPU Scholarships

Isaac Opiyo, a bright student from Nwoya District, found his path to success through the TotalEnergies EP Uganda scholarship program. In 2017, he embarked on a journey that led him to Seeta High School in Mukono, where he majored in Biology, Chemistry, and Computer (BCM/C). This program was a lifeline at a critical juncture in his life.

After completing his A-Level, Isaac pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture at Makerere University, benefiting from government sponsorship. His dedication paid off as he graduated with a Second Class Upper degree, earning a remarkable 3.73 CGPA. Isaac is deeply grateful to the TEPU scholarship program for providing a solid foundation that has prepared him to face the world with confidence.

Isaac’s message to aspiring students is a call to seize such scholarship opportunities: “There are many students out there whose dreams can only be brought to life through such scholarship opportunities. I urge TEPU to continue empowering and building young people in their leadership skills so that they can give back to the communities where they come from.”

Derrick Augustine: Bridging Dreams and Reality

Derrick Augustine, hailing from Nebbi District, embarked on his educational journey with TEPU’s support in 2017. He majored in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Information and Communication Technology (PCM) at Seeta High School in Mukono, where his hard work earned him an impressive 18 points at A-Level. His academic journey continued as he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Industrial Chemistry at Makerere University on a government scholarship.

Derrick’s dedication and commitment paid off when he graduated on February 13, 2023, with a Second Class Upper degree, holding an impressive CGPA of 3.92. Today, he is working as a Quality Controller at Chromatic Paints (U) Limited. Derrick’s journey from a humble background to professional success is a testament to the life-changing impact of the TEPU scholarship program.

He expresses his gratitude for TEPU’s generous support and hopes to give back to his community in the future. His wish is for the scholarship program to continue helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their educational goals.

TEPU Scholarships: Empowering the Next Generation

TotalEnergies EP Uganda (TEPU) has consistently demonstrated its commitment to empowering the youth of Uganda, particularly in the oil-rich regions. In the 2023 Ordinary Level Education Girl’s Scholarship program, TEPU awarded scholarships to ten girls in Buliisa District and ten girls in Nwoya District. The selection process, carried out in partnership with St. Andrea Kaahwa’s College and Sacred Heart Secondary School, was a resounding success.

TEPU scholarships are merit-based, with academic performance in the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) as the primary eligibility criterion. Successful candidates for the O’ level scholarship program are supported to study at TEPU partner secondary schools with a history of academic excellence, including St. Andrea Kaahwa’s College in Hoima District and Sacred Heart Secondary School in Gulu District.

Since 2013, TEPU has made a significant investment in the education of 220 students in its host communities. These scholarships are undertaken in partnership with selected schools, non-governmental organizations, respective District Local Governments, and with the support of the students’ parents and guardians. TEPU’s scholarship programs have become a driving force for change, providing young Ugandans with the means to achieve their dreams and contribute to their communities.

Speaking to journalists recently, TotalEnergies Uganda Corporate Affairs manager Anitah Kayongo states; “In a world where opportunities often elude those who need them the most, TotalEnergies Uganda’s scholarships are beacons of hope.” She adds that these scholarships not only offer financial assistance but also foster a spirit of determination and ambition in students who might otherwise be held back by their circumstances. We are not only shaping the lives of these students but also the future of Uganda itself and the stories of Isaac Kandebe, Isaac Opiyo, and Derrick Augustine are proof that education can be the key to a brighter future. We are unlocking this door for many more young minds. The journey is just beginning, and more students from humble backgrounds will get this opportunity to thrive.”