Vine International Christian Academy

By | August 18, 2020

Vine International Christian Academy Limited (VICA) opened its doors on 3rd February 2005 with 22 students and 8 members of staff.
VICA was established in order to provide children with a genuine Christian education. The school professes its belief in God and in the authenticity and authority of His Word, the Bible.

We seek to provide our pupils with a Godly environment in which they can realize their full potential so that when they enter into society as young men and women, they will be an asset to their families, community, nation and the Kingdom of God. We acknowledge and seek to reflect God’s view of each child’s uniqueness and individuality.

VICA Curriculum

VICA uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. The ACE curriculum is an individualised, self-paced, biblically based educational programme. Learners embark on a journey of self-learning and goal setting as they work through each PACE (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education), covering school subjects. Prior to admission, students are taken through a diagnostic test to ascertain their level of performance in the various subjects.

ACE has both elementary and secondary curriculum programs designed for individual learning instruction ranging from Pre-School to Grade 12.

Vine International Christian Academy is accredited by Christian Education Europe Ltd (ICCEL) in the United Kingdom (UK). The ICCEL qualification is recognized by the Universities and Colleges Admission Services in the UK and internationally. A recent benchmarking study by UK NARIC has confirmed that the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) General and Advanced Certificates can be considered to be comparable to the overall Cambridge International O and A Level standard respectively.

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The core curriculum includes six basic academic disciplines: Math, English Literature and creative writing, Social studies, Science and Word Building. Science teaches about God’s creation, Social studies presents the world as ruled and ordered by God and History as “His story”. Math presents facts about God’s orderly World.English teaches the student the importance of communication in living for God Word building, Literature and creative writing reinforce English communication skills and provide practice for improving vocabulary and word usage.



We work with Sports Outreach Ministries to develop various training programs that explore, nurture and train the students in field and track events, swimming and acrobatics. The programs are designed to integrate and support character training and fitness. Individual and team needs are catered for.

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Performing Arts

To encourage harmonious development, enhance communication skills, self discipline and diligence; develop self expression, imagination and presentation, students engage in various performing arts such as music, dance, drama, poetry recitations and spoken word.

Student Convention

As part of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum, students are encouraged to develop their talents and are given opportunities to participate in Student Conventions.

The conventions are like mini-Olympics where students enter and participate in various sporting and co-curricular activities from a list of about 150 events.

Some of the events include sports, music, poetry and essay writing, poetry recitation, art exhibitions, monologues, group bible speaking, science exhibitions, design and Information Technology.

Advancement to the next level is based on merit, and nominations are based on excellent performance.

Contact Us

Kungu Campus
Kungu Kira Town Council,
Off Buwate Road From Najera II
Phone. +256759088429, +256 758 088429

Mengo Campus
Plot 871/2, Bakuli Parish Rubaga Division.
P. O. Box 23015,
Kampala, Uganda,
Phone  +256 756 088429  


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