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By | August 18, 2020

Orel-Vine is a Christian International school offering affordable Cambridge International education at both primary and pre-school levels. The pre-school campus is situated in the heart of Naguru while the primary school campus is along Gayaza road. The school is and continues to be an academic hub in Uganda.

We maintain small class sizes to ensure that every child recieves the attention they deserve. We recognize that each child has unique talents and learning styles. We nurture our children’s abilities bringing out the best in them, enabling them to develop confidence and a healthy self esteem. Take a look at what some of our students have to say about the school.


Academics at Orel-Vine is anchored on skilled educators who are passionate about their students. Our learners are individually challenged and supported by teachers and parents so as to achieve all round excellence academically. Our delivery is based on the Cambridge curriculum coupled with a rich co-curricular scheme to enhance a wholesome education.


The school delivers the Cambridge International Curriculum at both Pre-School and Primary levels. The Cambridge curriculum includes top quality teaching and assessment techniques adopted in top schools around the world. It is a flexible curriculum and is used in conjunction with other subjects, contemporary trends and methodologies which allow the teachers to employ the best practices to achieve excellence. Our curriculum facilitators are skilled professionals that monitor the syllabus to keep it relevant, comprehensive and current. The curriculum develops learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and intellectually and socially engaged.


The core subjects taught at Orel-Vine include Mathematics (Numeracy), English (Literacy), Science and Humanities (History and Geography).

The blending of the Cambridge curriculum and our existing model enhances a holistic approach and allows the incorporation of other subjects which include; French, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Art, Music, Christian Religeous Education, Physical Education, Reading and Phonetics, Handwriting and Library.

In addition, the school clubs introduce other subjects such as Financial Literacy, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Swimming, Public Speaking and Piano/Guitar/Jazz Drums. The Pastoral Care program allows the school to not only teach Christian Religious Education but introduce Christian Ethics Education to the students.

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The curriculum allows teachers to evaluate learning as students advance, with progressive assessments and analysis tools that help them identify each learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Students are given homework to assess mastery of the concepts taught and at the end of every term, they recieve holiday work. Students’ progress is assessed through mid-term and end of term exams. In their final year of study (year 6), candidates sit for their Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exams.

Assessments encourage preparation and revision but also foster practice and build familiarity with tests. Our students are therefore well prepared for their final exams and acclimatized with proper exam practices. It is also through assessments that learners’ strengths and weaknesses are identified. The teachers can thereby take the necessary measures to ensure every student improves. This way excellence is fostered.


Students’ assessments are graded on a point based system. These grades are reflected at the end of the term in a report outlining each individual child’s accomplishments both academic and co-curricular. Parents are invited at the end of the term for a special conferencing session with the class teachers.


Teachers play a vital role in shaping the educational path of students. They inspire and encourage students to strive for greatness, live to their fullest potential and see the best in themselves. Teachers follow students through each pivotal stage of development. At 7 – 9 hours a day, 5 days a weak Orel-Vine educators are poised to become one of the most influential people in students’ lives.

Our professional team of educators leave a remarkable impression on students. Each of them is committed to every child’s all-round excellence. Our teachers are hardworking and passionate about what they do. Each student recieves the attention they deserve.


Orel-Vine International Academy caters for both pre-school and primary school sections. The pre-school is located in Naguru along Ntinda II Road on Plot 56. It is home to children ages 1- 5. The Primary school is found along Gayaza Road and teaches children ages 5 – 11. Our students receive adequate attention as well as ample services to match their individual needs.

  • Pre-School
  • Primary


Discovery & Exposure

Educational trips are a valuable part of the school curriculum as they provide students with the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get a chance to visit. Trips also provide an opportunity for teachers to observe and interact with students in a structure different from and more informal than the classroom.

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Orel-Vine’s study trips emphasize attentiveness of the mind but most importantly enable a sense of discovery, awareness and exposure. They are also fun and our learners are eager to attend them. Check the school calendar to see where we’ll get to go soon


It is our aim to make the admission process here at Orel-Vine International Academy as simple, straightforward and stress free as possible. Every prospective student is admitted in accordance to the Orel-Vine admissions policy.

When considering your child for a place at our international pre-school and primary section, we will interview both you and your child. As part of the admissions process, there is an age related placement test for your child to sit to assess their progress and ensure we can fit them into the appropriate education level.

The school will require that applicants submit previous school reports as a way of further assessing the child’s level of learning.

Proceed to learn more about why you should bring your child to Orel-Vine here. Click here to download an enrollment form.


Fees structure

We offer affordable Cambridge education. Our fees are calculated based on a number of factors including your child’s year group and the resources they’ll need to thrive. Currently our school fees structure is as tabulated below:

Registration Fees

Primary School250,00080
Development Fee600,000200

Note: These fees are payable the first time a child is admitted.

Termly Tuition

Year 11,790,000490
Year 21,850,000505
Year 31,960,000540
Year 42,080,000570
Year 52,200,000600
Year 62,360,000640
Year 72,500,000680
Year 82,640,000720
Year 92,780,000760

Other Fees

Stationery Pack50,00020
Computer Programming*200

View more on Fees structure

Contacts us

  Plot 56 Ntinda II Road, Naguru
  +256 (0) 393515152
Primary School
  Nakasajja, Gayaza Road
  +256 (0) 776715152

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