UMI Chartered Institute of Marketing- CIM

By | June 27, 2019

Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Chartered Institute of Marketing


Uganda Management Institute is a fully accredited study Branch by CIM.

Course Details


Uganda Management Institute is a fully accredited study Branch by CIM-UK offering the following courses;

LEVEL 3: Foundation Certificate in Marketing (Award)

Enables you to understand marketing’s role and how the marketing mix is used to satisfy customer needs. Ideal if you’re starting out in marketing or looking to set up your own business.

Mandatory Module

Marketing Principles: Mandatory Exam Assessment – Award in Marketing Principles Customer

Elective Modules

– Communications: Mandatory Assessment by Assignment – Award in Customer Communications

– Digital Essentials

Level 4: Certificate in Professional Marketing (Award)

Provides insight into what influences the behaviour of your customers, allowing you to devise integrated marketing communication strategies to enrich the customer experience.

Mandatory Modules

– Marketing: Mandatory Exam Assessment – Award in Marketing

– Integrated Communications: Mandatory Assessment by Assignment – Award in Integrated Communications

Elective Modules (One of Two)

– Customer Experience: Assignment by Assignment – Award in Customer Experience

– Digital Marketing: Assessment by Portfolio – Award in Digital Marketing

Level 6: Diploma in Professional Marketing

Focuses on the strategic marketing planning process, giving you the ability to evaluate success through key marketing metrics and identify insights to drive informed decisions. Equivalent to an undergraduate degree in UK.

Mandatory Modules

– Strategic Marketing: Assessment by Exam

– Mastering Metrics: Assessment by Assignment

Elective Modules

– Driving Innovation

– Digital strategy

CIM Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in professional marketing

Aimed at a professional marketer at senior level, wishing to move to a strategic management role and to develop knowledge and skills across a range of areas to succeed in marketing and add value to their organisations.

3 Mandatory Modules

-Global Marketing Decisions – Assessment by Exam based on pre seen case study. (Award in Global Marketing Decisions)

– Corporate Digital Communications – Assessment by Assignment (Award in Corporate Digital Communications)

– Creating Entrepreneurial Change – Assessment by Assignment (Award in Creating Entrepreneurial Change)

Entry Requirement

To qualify for this programme,

• Participants ought to have been educated up to Uganda Certificate of Education. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, CIM Diploma

• In addition, participants must have worked in a marketing environment for a minimum of three years.

Tuition Fees

Level 3,4,5,6: Ug.shs.350,000= Per Paper

Level 7:  Ug.shs.400,000=


Level 3: 100 Pounds

Level 4: 120 Pounds

Level 6: 140 Pounds

Level 7: 165 Pounds

Memebership and Application: 60 Pounds