Uganda Management Institute Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

By | June 27, 2019

Uganda Management Institute UMI Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


Uganda Management Institute is fully accredited by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) to conduct lectures for students preparing for CPA Examinations.

ICPAU is the only body authorised by law in Uganda to give certification for Professional Accountancy Practice in Uganda. This means that any person holding professional accountancy qualifications other than that given by ICPAU will still need to apply to and be certified by ICPAU before practicing accountancy in Uganda.

Course Details

Course Content

Level 1 (Test of Competence)

  • Financial Accounting – Paper 1
  • Quantitative Techniques – Paper 2
  • Economic Environment – Paper 3
  • Business Law – Paper 4
  • Business Management & Information Systems – Paper 5
  •  Taxation – Paper 6
  • Cost & Management Accounting – Paper 7

LEVEL 2 (Test of Technical Skills)

  • Financial Reporting – Paper 8
  • Advanced Taxation – Paper 9
  • Financial Management – Paper 10
  • Management Decision and Control – Paper 11
  •  Auditing and Professional Ethics and Values – Paper 12

LEVEL 3 (Test of Professional Skills)

  • Advanced Financial Reporting – Paper 13
  •  Public Sector Accounting & Reporting – Paper 14
  •  Business Policy and Strategy – Paper 15
  • Advanced Financial Management – Paper 16
  •  Auditing and Assurance Services– Paper 17

LEVEL 4 (Test of Professional Expertise)

  • Integration of Knowledge – Paper 18

Entry Requirement

Minimum requirements for registration as CPA student is at least two principle passes in Advanced Level and at least 5 credits in Ordinary level. For the ordinary level requirements, two of the credits must be in English and Mathematics. Registration as CPA student is carried out at ICPAU Offices at Bukoto Street, Kamwokya at a cost of Shs. 120,000.

Students intending to attend CPA lectures at Uganda Management Institute, can be assisted by Uganda Management institute to carry out their CPA student registration. Aspriring CPA Students who have attended higher institutions of learning are advised to present their transcripts for those higher qualifications to ICPAU to determine whether and what exemptions they are entitled to.

Tuition Fees

CPA Course lectures at UMI cost Shs. 200,000 per paper for Level 1;Shs. 250,000 per paper for Level 2 and Shs. 300,000 papers for Level 3 for every examination sitting.These costs are in addition to Examination Fees which are payable directly to ICPAU.