Makerere University Postgraduate Admissions 2019/2020

By | June 27, 2019

Makerere University Postgraduate Admissions 2019/2020

The Academic Registrar, Makerere University invites applications for admission to Graduate Programmes (Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters and Doctoral Degree Programmes) for the 2018/2019 Academic Year. Applicants should have obtained at least a first degree (or its equivalent) from a recognized and chartered university/institution at the time of completion. Applicants should also possess a Ugandan Certificate of
Education with at least five passes (or its equivalent) and a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with at least two principal passes and one subsidiary pass obtained at the same sitting (or its equivalent).

All Graduate Programmes are PRIVATELY-SPONSORED. Therefore applicants seeking sponsorship should have their applications endorsed by their respective sponsors where applicable. Applicants should note that the various fees payable to the University indicated for the various programmes EXCLUDE functional fees, accommodation, books, research and other expenses.College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  1. PGD Environmental Impact Assessment
  2. MSc. in Agricultural Extension Education
  3. MSc. in Crop Science
  4. MSc. in Animal Science
  5. MSc. in Agricultural Engineering
  6. MSc. in Soil Science
  7. Master of Agribusiness Management
  8. MSc. in Integrated Watershed Management
  9. MSc. in Food Science & Technology
  10. MSc. in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems
  11. MSc. in Applied Human Nutrition
  12. Master of Science in Forestry and Biodiversity Management
  13. Master of Science in Disaster Risk Management
  14. Master of Land Use and Regional Development Planning
  15. Master of Science in Agroforestry and Community Development
  16. Master of Geographical Sciences
  17. Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources Management

College Of Humanities And Social Sciences

  1. PGD in Gender and Local Economic Development
  2. PGD in Social Justice (Nsamizi)
  3. PGD (Guidance and Counselling)
  4. M.A. in Human Rights
  5. Philosophy
  6. M. of Philosophy in Applied Ethics
  7. M.A. in Journalism and Communication
  8. M.A. in History
  9. M.A. in Music
  10. Literature
  11. M.A. in Religious Studies
  12. M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies
  13. M.A. in Religious and Theological Studies (Ggaba & Kinyamasika)
  14. M.A. in African Languages
  15. M.A. in Linguistics
  16. M.A. in Gender Studies
  17. M.A. in Public Administration & Management
  18. M.A in Social Sector Planning & Management
  19. M.A. in Sociology
  20. M.A. in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies
  21. M.A. in Rural Development
  22. M.Ed. in Educational Psychology
  23. Master of Organizational Psychology
  24. M.A. in Counselling
  25. MSc. in Clinical Psychology

College Of Computing And Information Sciences

  1. PGD in Information Technology
  2. PGD in Computer Science
  3. PGD in Data Communication and Software Engineering
  4. PGD in Information Systems
  5. MSc. in Computer Science
  6. Master of Information Technology
  7. MSc. in Data Communication and Software Engineering
  8. MSc. in Information Systems
  9. MSc. in Information Science
  10. MSc. in Records and Archives Management

College of Business and Management Sciences

  1. PGD in Demography (Evening)
  2. PGD in Statistics(Evening)
  3. M.A. in Economic Policy and Planning(Evening)
  4. M.A. in Economic Policy Management (Day &Evening)
  5. M.A in Economics(Day)
  6. Master of Business Administration (Evening)
  7. Master of Statistics(Evening)
  8. Master of Science in Population and Reproductive Health
  9. MSc. in Quantitative Economics (Evening)
  10. Master in Financial Services (Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services) (Evening)
  11. Master in Public Infrastructure Management (Block week Modular)

College of Education And External Studies

  1. PGD in Education
  2. PGD in Medical Education (Mulago Health Tutors College)
  3. M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies
  4. Master of Adult and Community Education
  5. Master of Instructional Design and Technology
  6. Master of Education, Options:

a) Educational Management,
b) Foundations of Education,
c) Educational Policy and Planning
d) Early Childhood Education and Development,
e) Language and Literature Education,
f) Social Science and Humanities Education,
g) Science Education

School of Law

Master of Laws

College Of Health Sciences

  1. M. Med: Internal Medicine
  2. M.Med: Family Medicine
  3. M.Med: Microbiology
  4. M.Med: Ophthalmology
  5. M.Med: Paediatrics and Child Health
  6. M.Med: Pathology
  7. M.Med: Psychiatry
  8. M.Med: Radiology
  9. M.Med: Ear, Nose &Throat
  10. M.Med: Surgery
  11. M.Med: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  12. M.Med: Anaesthesia
  13. M.Med: Orthopaedics
  14. MSc. in Medical Illustration
  15. MSc. in Human Anatomy
  16. MSc. in Pharmacology
  17. MSc. in Physiology
  18. MSc. in Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  19. MSc. in Immunology and Clinical Microbiology
  20. MSc. in Pharmaceuticals and Health Supplies Mgt
  21. MSc. in Pharmacognosy
  22. Master of Nursing (Midwifery and Women’s Health)
  23. Master of Public Health (Full Time)
  24. Master of Public Health (Distance)
  25. Master of Health Services Research
  26. Master of Public Health Nutrition
  27. Master of Public Health Disaster Management
  28. Master of Health Sciences in Bioethics
  29. Master of Health Informatics
  30. Health Professions Education (Distance)
  31. MSc. in Population and Reproductive Health (MSC. PRH)

College of Natural Sciences

  1. MSc. in Physics
  2. MSc. in Chemistry
  3. MSc. in Botany

a)Molecular Biology & Genetics,
b)Natural Resources Ecology & Conservation,
c)Plant Taxonomy & Biosystematics,
d)Microbiology & Plant Pathology and
e)Plant Physiology
4. MSc. in Zoology
a) Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences,
b) Entomology,
c) Parasitology
d) Wildlife Ecology and Management
5. MSc. in Geology
6. MSc. in Biochemistry
7. Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences

College Of Engineering, Design, Art And Technology

  1. PGD in Construction Project Management(Eve)
  2. PGD in Urban Planning and Design(Eve)
  3. MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (Day)
  4. Master of Architecture (Day)
  5. MSc. in Renewable Energy (Day)
  6. MSc. in Technology Innovation and Industrial Development (Day)
  7. MSc. in Civil Engineering(Day)
  8. MSc. in Urban Planning & Design(Day/Eve)
  9. MSc. in Geo-Information Science and Technology(Day/Eve)
  10. MSc. in Power Systems Engineering(Day)
  11. MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering(Day)
  12. MSc. in Construction Management(Eve)
  13. M.A. in Fine Art(Day)

College Of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity

  1. PGD in Livestock Development Planning & Management
  2. Master of Vet. Medicine (Food Animal Health & Production)
  3. MSc. in  Molecular Biology
  4. MSc. in Veterinary Pathology
  5. Master of Veterinary Preventive Medicine (Field Epidemiology Track)
  6. Master of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences and Management
  7. International Infectious Diseases Management
  8. Master of Science in Wildlife Health and Management.

a) Wildlife Clinical Medicine
b) Wildlife Resource Management
c) Aquatic Health Management
9. Master of Science in Livestock Development and Management.

a) Livestock Sector Planning and Management
b) Animal Product Processing, Entrepreneurship and Safety.

Makerere University Business School     

  1. Master of Business Administration (Evening)
  2. MSc. in Accounting and Finance
  3. MSc. in Marketing
  4. Master of Human Resource Management
  5. MSc. in Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  6. MSc. in Leadership and Governance
  7. MSc. in Entrepreneurship
  8. M.A. in Economic Policy Management
  9. Master of International Business
  10. Master of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  11. Master of Business Administration (Modular)
  12. MSc. in Banking & Investment Management
  13. Master of Business Psychology

Doctoral Degrees by Course works and Dissertations

  1. PhD in Health Science
  2. PhD in Agricultural and Rural Innovation
  3. PhD in Data Communication & Software Engineering
  4. PhD in Computer Science
  5. PhD in Information Technology
  6. PhD in Information Systems
  7. PhD in Information Science
  8. PhD in Educational Management
  9. PhD in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
  10. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

All Colleges offer PhD degrees by Research. Applicants for PhD by research should have a Master’s degree in a field relevant to their area of further studies. Applicants will be required to submit their applications any time in Room 410, Level 4 with a synopsis. For further information, please visit our website check on applying.


Postgraduate Diplomas            –    One Academic Year
Masters degrees (full time)      –    Two Academic Years
Masters degrees (part time)     –    Three – Four Academic Years
Masters of Medicine                –    Three Academic Years
Master of Public Health (Day)  –    Two Academic Years
Master of Public Health (Distance)   –    Three to Five Academic Years
PhD (Provisional Admission)            –    One Academic Year (Maximum)
PhD (Full Admission)                –    Three Academic Years
PhD/MD/LLD (full time)            –    Three Academic Years
PhD/MD/LLD (part time)            –    Five Academic Y ears.

Application Procedure
1.    Hard copies of application forms are obtainable from the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, 3rd Floor, Senate Building, Room 307 after payment of an application fee of Ug. shs 50,000/= (Ugandan applicants) and Ug. Shs. 151,500 (International Applicants) to any Stanbic Bank Branch and DFCU Bank, Centenary Bank or Post Bank using Makerere University paying-in-bank slips.  International applicants can also pay by bank draft as cheques will not be honoured.

2.    Application forms can also be down loaded from our Website: For  online Applicants, Payments can be made to Makerere University Revenue Collection Accounts and Bank Swift Codes are as follows:
3.    Completed application forms should be emailed to or returned to the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, Room 307. All forms must be accompanied by  the following
a.    Relevant supporting certified copies of certificates, and academic transcripts,
b.    Letters from 3 referees.
c.    2passport photos.

4.    All Applicants for Master of Laws (LLM) will do a Graduate Admission Test (GAT) consisting of an oral Interview and written test. The fee is Ug. Shs. 100,000/= (One hundred thousand shillings) payable to the School Accountant.  The GAT will be held on 16th June.

5.    All Applicants for Master of Business Administration (College of Business and Management Sciences and Makerere University Business School) will do a GMAT test on dates to be communicated by College of Business and Management Sciences and Makerere University Business School respectively. The fee for the MUBS GMAT Admission test is 50,000/=.

6.    All Applicants for PGD (Guidance and Counselling), Master of Organizational Psychology, Counselling and MSc. in Clinical Psychology (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) will do a GMAT test on dates to be communicated by College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The fee is Ug. Shs. 60,000/= (Sixty thousand shillings) payable to the School Accountant.

7.    In addition to the general admission requirements, applicants for Master of Public Infrastructure Management (MPIM) must have “Proven professional experience of at least 2 years at managerial/supervisory level or policy-decision making position in a government, parastatal organ, international organisation or non-governmental organisation” Applicants should attach a 2- page short CV and referee recommendations.

8.    Detailed information about the Programmes’ content and regulations can be obtained from Offices of Principals/College Registrars of the respective Colleges and Schools and Makerere University Website

9. Further information about admission requirements and tuition fees for the courses advertised can be found below under “Downloads”

Please strictly observe the closing date of Thursday 29th March, 2018.

Alfred Masikye Namoah