Kampala University Postgraduate Admission 2020-2021

By | June 18, 2019

Kampala University Postgraduate Admission 2020-2021

Kampala University, KU Uganda offers undergraduate courses at Diploma levels besides those offered at undergraduate levels. Prospective students should apply by filling the application forms before the deadline date as it is communicated by the Admissions office. Late applications are only accepted if the program space allows. These should be received not later than two weeks after the start of the appropriate semester; OR not later than a week after the beginning of a session. The admission procedure includes the Master’s Program applicants.

  • Check with the Admissions office at the University or visit the University website for the programs on offer.
  • Buy an application form at the fee stated, or you may download the form fill it and return it to the University.
  • On returning the application form you receive a coupon showing the date when the results of the application will be out.
  • On the date results of the application are out, kindly check at the office or on the university and University website; then proceed to pick your admission letter if admitted.
  • After admission, one may be required to pay a non-refundable tuition fee deposit in order to confirm your vacancy.
  • Application forms are processed and shortlists made by the Admissions Office are forwarded to the University Admissions Committee. The board grants or denies the admission and forwards the decision to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s (Academic Affairs) office.
  • The applicant’s file is reviewed for completeness and a letter is given indicating admission, pending fulfillment of the requirements.
  • All documents received by the University in connection with an application for admission become the property of Kampala University. Admission places of students who are admitted and fail to report are filed. However material will only be held for a period of only one year if the student notifies the Admissions Office in writing of postponement of enrollment.
  • Once you submit your form, you must pay the application fee for your form to be processed. Otherwise, it will not be processed.

Kampala university is a private university in Uganda. The university offers a number of courses at post graduate level.

The program operates on a triad arrangement; offering Regular Programs (August intake); Distance Learning Program (August & January Intakes) and In – service Program (April, August & December In-takes).

The Distance Learning students are offered courses covering 30 contact hours (Face to Face), in each unit which are always accomplished in one week.

The remaining hours are covered in the unique and comprehensive module and e – Learning arrangements.



Computer Science & I.T.

Peace and Conflict Management

HIV / AIDS Counseling

Counseling and Guidance

Project Planning & Management

Information Technology


Msc. In Computer Science

Masters of Information Technology

Msc. in Data Communication and Software Engineering

Msc. In Information Systems


M.A. in Economic Policy and Planning

M.A. in Economic Policy and Management

M.A. in Economics


M.A. in Educational Management

M.Ed. In Social Science and Arts Education

MSc .Ed. In Special Needs Education

MSc. Ed. In Early Childhood Education

MSc. Ed. In Sports Science Education

M.Ed. In Social Science and Arts Education

M.Ed. In Language and Literature Education

M.Ed. In Educational Foundations

M.Ed. In Curriculum Studies

Msc. In Human Resource Management in Education

Msc. In Development Studies

M.A. in Educational Policy and Planning

M.Ed. In Information and Communication Technology

M.Ed in Educational Psychology

M Sc. In Information Science


Masters in Public Health

Masters in Health Service Research

Masters in Health Service Management


Masters of Business Administration and Management

Masters of Human Resource Management

Masters of Public Administration and Management

Masters of Credit Management


Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies

Masters of Social Work and Community Development

Masters of Arts in Religion and Science

Masters in Guidance and Counselling

Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations


Msc. In Environmental Science

Msc. In Environmental Management

Msc. In Environmental Engineering