Makerere University Postgraduate Admission 2020-2021

By | June 17, 2019

Makerere University Postgraduate Admission 2020-2021

Postgraduate Diploma

Normally a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognised University in a subject or subjects relevant to the course applied for. Each programme has its Admission requirements stipulated under the

Duration of Programme: 1 Academic Year

Masters Degree

Normally a Bachelor’s degree of at least second class, lower division or equivalent from a recognised University.  Applicants with lower qualifications must satisfy the relevant department and the Postgraduate Admissions Board that they have acquired academic growth, for instance, by evidence of research and publications or a relevant Postgraduate Diploma of Second class division.  In some departments, a qualifying course followed by examination is given.

Duration of Programme:      Full time – 2 Calendar years

        Part time – 3 Calendar years

Master of Medicine degree: Full time – 3 Calendar years

Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Normally a Master’s degree from a recognised University in a field relevant to the area of further studies.  First degree graduates who wish to register for Ph.D. would normally register for a master’s degree first and after a year or two of satisfactory progress may apply for upgrading of their candidature to Ph.D. level.  A research outline (synopsis) of 3-5 pages length should accompany the application.  This will be useful as a guide for PROVISIONAL ADMISSION for one year during which time the applicant will develop a comprehensive research proposal necessary for a FULL ADMISSION as soon as the proposal is approved.

Duration of Programme: Full time – 3 Calendar Years

                                      Part time – 5 Calendar Years 

M.D. Degree

A Master’s degree in Medicine from a recognised University.

Duration of Programme: Full time – 3 Calendar Years

                                   Part time – 5 Calendar Years 

LLD. Degree

A Master degree in Law from a recognised University.

Duration of Programme: Full time – 3 Calendar Years

                                      Part time – 5 Calendar Years 

D. Litt. & D.Sc. (Higher Doctorates)

Degrees are awarded upon successful submission of original published and unpublished works on the area/topic of specialization.  These are higher doctorates normally applied for by holders of Ph.D. degrees.

Occasional Postgraduate students

  • Under occasional studentship, the University accepts non-degree students from other recognized University institutions on an agreed fees structure.  Application should be channeled through the Heads of such institutions.
  • Candidates may apply for registration at any time and could be admitted at the beginning of any semester of the academic year.
  • Occasional students may register for at least a semester and for not more than one academic year.
  • No such registration shall overlap two academic years.
  • All applications must be addressed to the Director, School of Postgraduate Studies who shall, in consultation with relevant bodies within the University, register such students.

Extension of Study Duration

With special permission, these periods may be extended as the Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research may consider reasonable.

Under no circumstances will a candidate be allowed to submit a thesis for examination unless he/she has been under regular and approved supervision for at least one year for a Master’s degree and two years for a Doctoral degree.

Please note that applications open in January and Close in March/April each year

For any further enquiries, kindly contact 

Mr. Tim Otim
Deputy Registrar (Graduate Studies)
Room 414, Senate Building (Level 4)
Makerere University
P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 530983
Fax: +256 414 533809

ORDirectorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT)
Makerere University
P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda
Web: +256 (414) 691-937