UTAMU September 2019 Postgraduate Intake

By | May 28, 2019

UTAMU September 2019 Postgraduate Intake

UTAMU is currently offering high quality postgraduate programmes in its Schools of Computing and Engineering and Business and Management. All post-graduate programmes are coordinated, monitored and managed by UTAMU Graduate School.

An UTAMU Postgraduate diploma programme is equivalent to a first year masters programme in the same discipline at UTAMU or any of our partner universities.

The following Postgraduate programmes are offered at UTAMU:.

UTAMU Intakes

UTAMU admits students to these programmes in three (3) intakes a year; January, May and September.

All these programmes are delivered through evening, weekend and long distance modes.

Functional fees per semester for all Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s Degree programmes are UGX 300,000.

UTAMU Postgraduate Educational Model

UTAMU employs a blended educational methodology that caters for all types of students enrolled for postgraduate programmes.

The blended form of teaching and learning involves face-to-face and online learning. Through well-integrated and enriched e-learning system and e-library, students are able to undertake learning even when they are not at UTAMU.

All postgraduate programmes run for two semesters comprising of 15 weeks of teaching and learning. The model follows a block release of modules during the face-to-face teaching facilitated by a student self paced individual and group online learning.

See details about the blended educational methodology UTAMU Postgraduate Educational Model ( 99.6 kB)

International students applying to any UTAMU programme accredited by the National Council for Higher Education must pay an application fee of USD 30.