Kampala University August Intake

By | May 28, 2019

Kampala University August Intake

Admission Regulations

Admissions to the university are based on merit criteria as determined by the University senate and the Council.

Entry Requirements

If you have the minimum entry requirements listed below, then you may be admitted. However, the Admissions Board meets and decides on the applicants’ admission status. Cut points are set by the Admissions Board at its meeting, depending on the program being applied for, the number of vacancies available and the number of applicants for a particular program.

Ugandan Applicants for Degree programs should hold either

UCE & UACE Certificate with 2 Principal Passes OR Diploma from a recognized institution of Higher Learning OR A Pass in Mature Age Examination.

Kenyan Applicants for Degree should hold either

KCSE holders must have a minimum grade of C+ and above. OR KACE, ‘GCE or A-levels’ applicants must have at least 2 principal passes or its equivalent. OR A Diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution of Higher Learning

Tanzanian Applicants for Degree should hold at least either

TCE & TACE Certificate with at least 2 Principal Passes OR Diploma from a recognized institution of Higher Learning

Post Graduate Programs applicants should hold at least

A good first degree from a recognized institution of higher learning relevant to the course applied for.

Other International Applicants

International applicants must have qualifications that are recognized for University entry in their respective countries.

Application Procedure

  1. Check with the Admissions office at the University or visit the University website for the programs on offer.
  2. Buy an application form at the fee stated, or you may download the form fill it and return it to the University.
  3. On returning the application form you receive a coupon showing the date when the results of the application will be out.
  4. On the date results of the application are out, kindly check at the office or on the university and University website; then proceed to pick your admission letter if admitted.
  5. After admission, one may be required to pay a non-refundable tuition fee deposit in order to confirm your vacancy.

Application forms are processed and shortlists made by the Admissions Office are forwarded to the University Admissions Committee. The board grants or denies the admission and forwards the decision to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s (Academic Affairs) office.

The applicant’s file is reviewed for completeness and a letter is given indicating admission, pending fulfillment of the requirements.