UBTEB Contact Address Details

By | November 30, 2018

UBTEB Contact Address Details

Plot 7, Valley Drive, Ntinda

P.O Box 1499, Kampala-Uganda

Email: info@ubteb.go.ug/esubteb@gmail.com

Tel: +256 414 289786/+256 414289787

Our Mandate

The UBTEB is mandated to streamline, regulate and coordinate examinations and awards in the Business and Technical profession in Uganda by Statutory Instrument No. 9 of 2009. The UBTEB Regulations 2009, Statutory Instrument No. 9 operationalises the BTVET Act, 2008 that provides for the promotion and coordination of BTVET; the principles governing BTVET; the establishment of the Institutional framework for the promotion and coordination of BTVET; the establishment of the Uganda Qualifications framework and the financing of BTVET and for other related matters.

The UBTEB has the following specific powers;

  1. Acquire, hold, charge, alienate and dispose of property both moveable and immoveable
  2. Carry out any improvement upon land or other property held by it
  3. Derive capital or income property held by it
  4. Invest any money not immediately required in any investment or project approved by the Minister
  5. Enter into agreements with any person or body
  6. Raise or borrow money in such manner and upon such security as it may from time to time determine
  7. Delegate any of its powers and functions other than the approval of estimates or any powers required under these regulations to be exercised by resolution of the Board, to any member, officer or committee of the Board as it may deem necessary.

The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) is a statutory national assessment body established by an Act of Parliament and mandated to streamline, regulate, coordinate and conduct credible national examinations and award Certificates and Diplomas in the Business, Technical and Vocational professions in Uganda.