Mbogo High School

By | March 19, 2024

This was the first to be established among the five schools. It started in 1995 at the rented premises of Hajj Lulagala Mawazi but as enrolment increased, the premises couldn’t suffice for a full boarding school. Land was purchased at Kawempe Tula where the school is currently located with a serene learning environment customised for a girl child education.

At Mbogo schools, we have made it easy for you to join any campus of your interest by applying online. You can now use our online form to apply to any of our campuses with just a click. The process will be completed once the student has been successfully admitted to the campus of choice. 

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Admission fee 50,000/-
fees 1,050,000/-
Reqts 450,000/-
Devpt Fee 150,000/- (Paid Once on entrance)

Admission fee 50,000/-
Fees 1,150,000/-
Reqts 460,000/-

Admission 50,000/
Fees 500,000/
Reqts 270,000/

Admission 50,000/-
Boarding 773,000/-
Day 470,000/-