St Maria Goretti Secondary School, Katende

By | March 18, 2024

The late Fr. Anthony Ndiwalana who was then a serving priest at Our Lady of Consolation Katende Catholic parish started St Maria Goretti SSS Katende as a private Catholic-founded school in 1966. Unfortunately, the first year was discontinued due to inconveniences and the school was officially opened in January 1967.

Registration and Admission Requirements of New Students

At registration, which will take place on arrival, (after schools have opened officially) you will be required to submit the following:

  • The admission letter (which you will receive from school as we resume)
  • PLE results slip, (those joining S.2 – S.3 should also submit all the termly reports from their former schools)
  • Identity card from the former school
  • 4 passport-size photographs
  • Personal Record Form
  • Medical Forms fully filled
  • School Regulation acceptance form signed by the student and parent/guardian

On registration, a student must be accompanied by a parent and should present a recent certificate for a Covid-19 test

Class Uniform

The school will supply the following uniform types

  • 2 white short-sleeved (O’Level)/long-sleeved (A’Level) shirts
  • 1 skirt/1 pair of trousers
  • Open shoes/Crafts to be used after lessons/weekends
  • 1 Sweater

– The cost of these is included in the school fees, hence will be provided by the school.
– Students are required to bring two pairs of flat-heeled black shoes for class use, and a pair of canvas shoes for sports.
– Female students should bring white socks which are knee-high to be worn with the school uniform.
– Male students are to bring black socks

Classroom requirements

  • A School Bag
  • Counter Books/Black Books (20)
  • Exercise Books (2 Dozens)
  • A Geometry Set
  • 12 pencils, 12 pens, 30cm ruler
  • A Packet of coloured pencils
  • 12 Art pencils
  • Box file (Alba) for test papers

Dormitory Requirements

Below are the items required for use in the dormitory. Most of them are for the student’s effect. Please ensure that at reporting the student has all the following items:

Due to the lack of space in the dormitory, the student is advised to bring only one suitcase, preferably a middle-size metal suitcase.

  • Mattress (6 x 2½) ft – 3” or 4”
  • Bed –sheets 2 pairs
  • Blanket 1
  • Dressing gown 1
  • Nightdress 2
  • Towel 1
  • Pillow and Pillow cover 1
  • Suitable Underwear 6
  • Peeling knife 1(Girls)
  • Slippers for bathroom use 1
  • Basin 1
  • Jerrycan (water container) 20 litres
  • A suitcase 1
  • A mosquito net 1
  • Bathroom slippers – 1 pair
  • Toilet paper – 5 rolls
  • Sanitary towels (girls) – 4 packets
  • Washing soap – 2 bars
  • Bathing soap – 5 tablets
  • Toothpaste – 2 medium-sized
  • An electric iron – 1
  • A torch with cells (not rechargeable) 1
  • Pair of gumboots 1
  • Plate, cup & cutlery 1 of each
  • Umbrella 1

Out-of-Class Uniform

Out of class uniform is made up of:

  • T-Shirt (Provided by the school)
  • Black skirt (girls) / pair of trousers (boys)
  • Open shoes/Crafts to be used after lessons/weekends


No other type of clothing is allowed and students’ property will be checked to ensure adherence to this rule.
A long-round but not tight skirt is recommended for girls (Caribbean style only) and a gentle pair of trousers not tight or piped-trouser is recommended for boys.

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