Busitema University Applications For Graduate Fellows

By | December 7, 2023

Busitema University is implementing the 5-year strategic plan 2020/21 – 2025/26. Under Objective 2: Increasing High Impact Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Busitema University through the Directorate of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovations (DGSRI) is on course to building its research portfolio through three strategic directions:
i. Recruitment and development of outstanding researchers at all career stages. 
ii. Production and effective sharing of high-quality research. 
iii. Adoption of a „systems approach‟ to managing research.
Through the Busitema University Research and Innovation Fund (BURIF) project, Dr. Eng.  Otim Daniel and a team of Hydrologists from both academic and industry around the country  have won a grant under the project, “ADAPTATION OF THE SCS CN RUNOFF 
As part of the conditions for the grant, there is a requirement to attract, employee and support 
a Junior and Senior Graduate Fellow who will be active under the same project but also take 
part in the academic activities under the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. The 
Graduate Fellows shall benefit from the experienced team of Hydrologists who are part of the 
project through mentorship and each of them (graduate fellows) shall be required to publish 
at least one paper within 12 months. Applications are now invited from suitably 
qualified candidates to fill vacant positions for Graduate Fellows at the University under this 
project as outlined below:
i. Roles and Responsibilities of the Graduate Fellow
a) The graduate fellow shall support the project implementation alongside the project team.
b) The graduate fellow will coordinate the project activities daily alongside the project coordinator.
c) The graduate fellow will report to the Principal Investigator (PI) directly.
d) S/He will be responsible for the daily programming of project activities including fieldwork planning and budgeting as well as all sorts of data collection.
e) S/He will have to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal within 12 months.
f) The Junior Graduate Fellow will take up part of the academic load under the Department of Water Resources Engineering whereas the Senior Graduate Fellow will take up part of the academic load under the Department of Agricultural Mechanisation and Irrigation Engineering and most especially those that are in-line with the project research areas.
g) S/he shall carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the PI from time to time.
h) S/He shall be responsible for developing and updating project Gantt charts and Scurves to monitor the project progress and present a quarterly report on the project progress to the PI.

ii. Requirements for Applicants
a) Applicant must be a Ugandan national and must be ready to stay as close as possible to Busitema University.
b) A Junior Graduate Fellow shall be a holder of a First class degree or Second-class Upper division or equivalent degree in Water Resources Engineering / Agricultural Mechanisation and Irrigation Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering / Hydrology and/or Geography and qualified to join a Master‟s degree program.
c) A Senior Graduate Fellow shall be a holder of a First class or Second-class Upper division degree or equivalent in Water Resources Engineering / Agricultural Mechanisation and Irrigation Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering with a good  Master‟s degree in Water Resources Engineering/ Irrigation and Drainage  Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering and qualified to join PhD training.
d) Applicants should possess academic research writing skills, hydrological modelling skills, and hydrological data processing skills.
e) The applicant must be efficient in the coordination of project activities and knowledgeable in the application of Project planning tools like MS Project, Gantt Project and Professional Visio.
f) An applicant must be skilled in the use of Microsoft Office packages, a team player and in possession of high communication skills. 
g) The position of Graduate Fellow is a training position which requires full-time 
engagement of the Graduate Fellow with the Supervisor and the Students. Therefore 
persons who have full-time employment are not eligible to apply for this position.
h) Junior Graduate fellows shall be entitled to a monthly stipend of UGX 1,000,000/- or as may be revised from time to time by the Board of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovations.
i) Senior Graduate fellows shall be entitled to a monthly stipend of UGX 1,500,000/- or as may be revised from time to time.
Those who meet the above requirements are requested to submit their applications, recent CVs with copies of academic certificates and/ or transcripts and a recent passport photograph to the Office of the University Secretary, Busitema University, P.O. Box 236, Tororo, Busitema University-Main Campus or at the Busitema University Liaisons Office, Makerere University Lincoln Flats Block A1. The deadline for submission of applications is Friday, December 15,  2023, at 5:00 pm EAT. For any inquiries about the position, please contact either the Principal 
Investigator, Dr. Eng. Otim Daniel at danotim@gmail.com / dotim.eng@busitema.ac.ug or 
the Project Coordinator at fk.enock@gmail.com / ekajubi.eng@busitema.ac.ug