How to Check Yaka Meter Number in Uganda

By | August 10, 2022

There are many ways to check your Yaka Meter number in Uganda. With the demand for electricity and internet services growing, more and more people are signing up with different service providers in Uganda. The Yaka Electricity company is a telecommunication company that has seen great success in a very short time. With the increased demand for their services, Yaka has rolled out their meters across different cities in Ugandan. A yaka meter is an electronic device used to measure electricity usage. The meter records energy usage so you can monitor your bill by comparing it with previous readings. If you’re unsure how to check yaka meter number in Uganda or any other place, follow this article and learn everything you need to know about these meters!

What is a Yaka Meter?

Yaka is one of the biggest electricity companies in Uganda. The company uses a digital meter to record energy usage, and as such, the device is referred to as a yaka meter. Yaka meters are installed in houses and businesses to measure how much electricity is consumed. Yaka meters are often installed inside an electrical panel with a communication module. It’s a smart meter that allows you to monitor energy consumption and see your consumption history on the Yaka website ( The meter records consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) and calculates the bill amount. Yaka meters are connected to the WIFI network, and this makes it possible to check your meter reading online or via text message. It’s safe to say that yaka meters are the most technologically advanced meters in Uganda.

How to view or access your Yaka meter reading?

There are many ways to see your yaka meter reading or access your usage history. One of them is by logging into your yaka account online. You can also view your reading by sending a text message to the number specified on the meter. You can also use the Yaka app to check your reading. If you don’t have the app but you have an internet connection on your phone, you can also view your reading via a browser. All you need to do is open your browser, type and enter your account number and pin. You can also use a computer to access your reading. If you don’t want to type the URL manually, you can use this link to go to the Yaka website.

Check Yaka Meter Number using SMS

Sending an SMS containing your meter number to the Yaka number will enable you to view your reading. This can be done from your phone by keying in the following code: For example, if your meter reading is 1234, the code you should key in is 1234. Once you have keyed in the code, send the message to the yaka meter number: 64444. You will receive a notification on your phone confirming the meter reading.

Check Yaka Meter Number Online

The easiest way to check yaka meter number online is to open a browser and go to Once there, enter your account number and pin. The meter reading screen will appear and display the electricity meter reading. If you want a summary of the previous months or years, use the calendar and select the month. At the same time, select the year you want to see the reading for.

Check Yaka Meter Number by Phone

If you want to check your meter reading by phone, you can call the yaka customer service hotline and request it from them. Once you’re connected to a customer service representative, ask them to read your meter reading.