Uganda School Authorities ask to lenient to parents when Schools Reopen on fees Payments

By | December 28, 2021

Uganda School Authorities ask to lenient to parents when Schools Reopen, UPC President Akena urges school on fees Payments

KAMPALA — The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party president, Jimmy Akena, has called upon school authorities to be lenient enough when dealing with parents after schools have been reopened on January 10, 2022.

Akena, who was delivering his Christmas message on Wednesday, requested school authorities to embrace payments by installments to enable continuity of education.

He also urged parents too to play their part.

“We also acknowledge that in the current economic situation, parents and Guardians are going to struggle with school fees and other scholastic materials. UPC acknowledges that schools especially private are facing difficult times to repay the loans they acquired before covid 19 pandemic and the same applied to parents,” Mr. Akena said.

He added: “As we prepare to re-open schools in January 2022, after a period of two years, a lot of counseling of both teachers and children to prepare them for the new setting of school life.”

Mr. Akena also commended government for training teachers in preparation for the reopening of schools.

He thinks retooling teachers will advance their knowledge base especially on the new academic structure/syllabus.

Ugandan schools, closed since March 2020 owing to the pandemic, will reopen in January 2022 regardless of currently low vaccination uptake, President Museveni announced late November.

Museveni in previous months lifted the bulk of Covid-related restrictions in the country, which has seen just over 3,500 deaths from the virus, but he left schools shuttered.

With their careers on hold, many teachers have switched to other jobs to help provide for their families.

Some have told this they do not intend to return to the classroom amid doubts they would be able to make a living with many schools heavily in debt.

Several institutions have converted to hotels or restaurants

Urges vigilance during Christmas season

Meanwhile, Mr. Akena called upon members of the public to be more cautious of their safety while traveling during the festive season.

He urged Ugandans to get vaccinated against Covid-19 but also to celebrate responsibly.

“Please let us follow the SOPs and go for vaccinations for those who are not vaccinated, and those who have not completed their dose of the shot should as well do so”.

“On behalf of the Uganda Peoples Congress and my own behalf, I wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!” he noted.