Kampala University (KU) Courses Offered

By | July 3, 2019

There are several Courses offered at Kampala University (KU). The list of courses is below.

Business & Management

Degree Programme.
The School of Business Administration offers curricula leading to the award a degree in business Administration.
The BBA degree is offered with four areas of specializations as follows:

  • Accounting.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • Human Resource Management.

Arts and Social Sciences

  1. SWASA
  2. Mass Communication
  3. Political Science
  4. Public Administration
  5. Development Studies

Short courses.

  1. Guidances & Counseling.
  2. Radio and television production.
  3. Radio and television news writing.
  4. Introduction to public relations.
  5. News Editing and Design.
  6. Reseach writing.
  7. Art of public speaking.
  8. Hiv/Aids Counseling.
  9. Crisis Management.
  10. Martial Counselling.
  11. Stress Management.
  12. Group and family counseling.
  13. Development policy planning.
  14. Internship training .

Industrial Art & Design

The school is ready to produce professional art and design educators to meet the demand at different educational levels, also to produce professional self-motivated fine and industrial artists with entrepreneurial skills, capable of establishing both small and large sale industries.

The school is currently divided into three departments:

  • Department of Art and Design Education
  • Department of Industrial and Fine Arts
  • Department of Industrial Design

School of Natural Sciences

The school has developed new attractive programs that have been submitted to National Council for Higher Education for approval and they include;

  1. Bachelor of science Agriculture.
  2. Bachelor of Science Agriculture with Education.

School Of Nursing and Health Sciences

1.Certificate in Nursing and Midwifery
Entry requirements

  • At least 5 passes in English, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or it’s equivalent at O’ level-not more than 3 years out of school
  • Computer classes shall be areas of students
  • Two intakes May and November

2.Diploma in Nursing (Direct)
Entry requirements

  • For Direct students from A’ Level(3 years)
  • Should have a principal pass in Biology
  • Not more than 3 years out of school

School Of Computer Science & Information Technology

The school offers many postgraduate and undergraduates programmes including:

  • Master of Information Technology(MIT)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGD(IT)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology (BCSIT)
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology (DCSIT)
  • Certificate in Computer and Information Technology (CCSIT)
  • SCSIT is hosting Cisco National academy

Short courses include;

  • CCNA
  • IT Essentials
  • Cyber Security

School Of Education

The degree programming must cover university-wide courses, University Common Courses, the areas of specialization courses and electives. To qualify for graduation a student is required to pass minimum requirements set by the department and subsequently the senate.

A candidate registering for a Bachelor of Education Degree takes all the courses offered in the faculty of Education and is required to combine a major and a minor in the service faculties. Such combination is subject to the approval of the department.

All Education students register for professional educational courses in the following

  • Foundations of Education
  • Psychology Educational
  • Curriculum Studies

A student is required to register for any two teaching subjects approved by the School of education .One is a major and another a minor: – underfuls
English Literature

  1. Mathematics and Geography
  2. History and Religious studies & ethics
  3. Physics and Chemistry
  4. Biology and Agriculture
  5. Chemistry and Physics
  6. Agriculture double main
  7. Mathematics and Basic Integrated Science
  8. Special Needs Educationdouble main
  9. Sports Scienceand Basic Integrated Science
  10. Home Science and math
  11. Computer ScienceMathematics
  12. Geography and History
  13. Religious Studies and history
  14. English Language and Social Studies
  15. Among other relevant combinations

The combination of major & minor subjects are subject to the approval of the School of Education. Once registered a student may change subjects within the first two weeks only.

Degree Programme 

The School Of Education Offers A Curriculum Leading To The Award Of Post Graduate Diploma In Education, Bachelors Of Education, Bachelors Of Arts Education, Bachelors Of Science Education, Bachelors Of Early Child Education, Bachelors Of Business Education, Masters Of Education And Religious Studies, Masters Of Educational Administration, Masters Of English Language and Literature Education.

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