Isbat University Admissions Procedure

By | July 2, 2019

Isbat University Admissions Procedure

Admission For Isbat University . Visit Our Admissions Portal For Details

Isbat University Postgraduate Admissions Procedure

ISBAT University takes a holistic, qualitative approach to reviewing the applications. Grades and academic rigor are weighed against personal qualities such as leadership, service and unique talents. We look for those students we believe would be an ideal fit for, and thrive in, the challenging academic environment ISBAT University provides.Submitting your Application

To apply to ISBAT University an applicant must complete the Offline / Online ‘Application Form’. There is one common Application Form for all our programmes.

On the Application Form the candidate must provide educational qualifications, contact details, etc. Also the candidate has to attach all the necessary documents as prescribed in the admission criterion. After completing the form, the admission will be approved based on eligibility and vacancy of seats. Once approved, the applicant can make payment by one of three options:

  • Pay directly by Cash to ISBAT University: The candidate can visit the campus and pay the requisite fees as prescribed to the Finance Department and can collect the receipt for the same.
  • Payment of Fees through Bank: ISBAT applicants can visit any branches of DTB bank and can deposit the fees to the University Account. The bank will provide a receipt which has to be handed over to the Finance department, who will provide ISBAT University fee payment receipt. Also, you the candidate have the option to wire the fees to Standard Chartered Bank. Please find below the bank details.
  • Pay directly through credit/debit card or Net Banking: If the payment goes through and ‘Application Number’ is generated, the application is considered submitted. Applicants will receive a confirmation email within the next 24 hours.

Isbat University Admissions Procedure : Admissions Decision

Admission decisions will be made by the Admission Staff as per the University guidelines, and the selected candidate will be informed accordingly. The admitted candidates will have to clear all the formalities of admission as prescribed by the University, before the orientation day.New Admit information

All the new admits will be provided information on fees, schedule, Calendar of Events, etc.

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