Busoga University Hostel Accommodation

By | July 1, 2019

Busoga University Hostel Accommodation

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Whereas the University is under no obligation to accommodate any student admitted, as a first year student of Busoga University, you will be required to reside in hostels gazetted and affiliated to us. The office of the Director of Students’ Affairs allocates each student to single sex (Male and Female) hostel and this is emphasised in order to ensure accountability for each student.

Male hostels

  1. Ben Mugadaya Hostel
  2. Jim and Brrl’s Hostel
  3. Bageya Hostel
  4. Kadiri House
  5. Salongo House
  6. Miriam Hostel

Female hostels

  1. Lavington Palace
  2. Gracious Girls Hostel
  3. Gift Hostel
  4. Ranahsworthy Girls Hostel
  5. Faith Hostel

Hostel leaders are elected for each hostel to oversee the behaviour of students assisted by the Minister of Social and Campus Affairs in fulfilling this obligation.

While at the hostels and the University campus, Busoga University Students are under obligation to be environmentally friendly and tidy.

Students who fail to get accommodation with in the gazetted University Hostels are encouraged to report to the Office of the Director of Students’ Affairs, or the University Warden for allocation to other hostels not affiliated to University.

Students are encouraged to make accommodation payments for a full semester. Importantly, all students provide meals for themselves while at the hostel and meals. Llunch and breakfast can be accessed at the Guild canteen while on the campus.

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