Stafford University Uganda (SUU) Admissions 2020/2021

By | June 25, 2019

Stafford University Uganda (SUU) Admissions 2020/2021

About the Stafford University Uganda

Stafford University (SU) is a privately owned University licensed by the National Council for Higher Education on the 1st of October 2015 to officially carry out its operations. 

The University is located on Plot 2530, Block 15 Kibuga Nsambya P.O.Box 12414 Kampala – Uganda. It currently has three (3) faculties i.e. Business & Management, Science and Technology, and Humanities.

The University offers different programs ranging from certificates, diplomas and degrees with maximum flexibility that includes; day, evening and weekend sessions.

Divisions and Departments

Business & Management

ICT and Computer Science



Science & Technology



Performing Arts

Media Studies

Courses Offered At Stafford University

Business and Management programmes

This department covers courses that introduce the tools and understandings of these rich disciplines and demonstrates how they can be applied to real business problems, and to a deeper understanding of the economy and the market place with proper management.

Technology and ICT programmes

You’re fascinated with technology and its endless possibilities. When faced with a new challenge, you eagerly investigate a solution in a methodical way. A career in Technology and computing can bring all of your strengths together. Stafford programs in Computing and Information Technology include software development, networking, Information Systems, and database design. You’ll get to do what you love in a fast-paced, innovative industry that values forward-thinking professionals.

Law programmes

We emphasise teaching skills rather than just absorbing information. With a challenging approach to study, students are encouraged to think, not just learn in regard to this crucila industry.

Social Works and Humanities programmes

We’re home to a vibrant and diverse community where independent thinking and entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of everything we do. Visualise cultivating conversations to inspire thought-provoking questions like ‘What makes us happy?’, ‘Do our minds have hidden depths?’ and ‘How important is data science for humanity.

Research programmes

Our research is built on the twin themes of law in context and the international character of law. We enjoy a particularly strong reputation in a number of areas, including international and comparative legal research, with a particular focus on less developed countries; criminal justice; human rights in practice; and the exploration of legal, social and economic law and policy both in Africa and throughout the world..

Journalism and Communication programmes

An exciting career in the Journalism and Communication industry starts at Stafford, where you will learn the art of storytelling by preparing various news and sports reports, documentaries, and video productions. Our grads are respected journalists, newscasters, and producers who work in radio, television, film, and online throughout BC, Canada, and around the world..Learn More

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Contact Information


Tripati Mazima House Opp American

Embassy Gaba Road,

Kampala Uganda.

Tel: +256-392569669