University of Cape Town Important Application Dates

By | June 21, 2019

University of Cape Town (UCT) Important Application Dates

4 MAY 2019
• 2019 Open Day
Open Day will be held on Saturday, 4 May 2019, on Upper Campus, UCT. It is a good opportunity for you to access important information about your application from
various parts of the university.

31 JULY 2019
• Applications close for ALL
undergraduate programmes
• Applications for housing close
• Deadline for the writing of the
Health Sciences NBTs and the
submission of the PR.
• Preferred date for submission
of BAS portfolio for early

31 AUGUST 2019
• Preferred date for submission of BA (FA)
portfolio for early consideration.
• Closing date for programme changes
You may elect to apply for a different
programme until 31 August 2019.
You do so by sending a request to or submitting a
written request to the Admissions Office.

• Final date to submit the Bachelor
of Architectural Studies (BAS)
and Bachelor of Fine Art (BA(FA))
• Deadline for submission of
supplementary evidence in support
of the Personal Report for MBChB

12 OCTOBER 2019
• Except for Health Sciences
programmes, National Benchmark
Tests must be written no later
than 12 October 2019

31 OCTOBER 2019
• For applicants finishing secondary school
in 2019, all grade 12 interim results, or
predicted scores in the case of
non-NSC candidates, are due
• Interim and past transcripts for transferring
applicants are due

31 DECEMBER 2019
• All final transcripts and non-NSC
school-leaving results (except
CIE, ZIMSEC and NSSC) must
be submitted as certified paper

15 JANUARY 2020
• The final tertiary transcripts for
students registered for tertiary
studies in 2019 are due
• Final CIE, ZIMSEC and NSSC
results from the November 2019
session are due