UCU – Vice Chancellor Job Vacancy 2019

By | January 17, 2019

UCU – Vice Chancellor Job Vacancy 2019

Job Code: 00472018
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Closing On:
Tuesday, 18th December 2018
Thursday, 31st January 2019
Category: Administrative
Location: Mukono
Job Type: Full Time
Education: Graduate Degree
Job Description:  
The University Council of Uganda Christian University invites applications for the Post of Vice Chancellor of the University who shall be the chief academic, financial and administrative officer of the University.
About Uganda Christian University
Uganda Christian University is a Chartered University and was established in 1997 by the Church of the Province of Uganda. As such it is committed to the catholic and apostolic faith, practice and piety. It is religious and explicitly Christian in its name, in its mission statement: “To equip students for productive, holistic lives of Christian faith and service” in its motto: “Alpha and Omega: God the Beginning and End”, and core values. Appointments into University service are regardless of race, ethnic background, gender, or physical disability.
The Position of Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University
The Vice Chancellor, as Chief Executive Officer of the University, is responsible for:

  1. Advancing the University’s mission, vision, motto and core values to the satisfaction of the Proprietors
  2. Assuring compliance with the legal requirements and expectations of the Government of Uganda and its organs
  3. Developing and stewarding resources to assure that facilities and programmes are modern, excellent, and well managed.
  4. Promoting excellence in academics, research, and community engagement.

1. Upholding the Christian Identity of the University
The Vice Chancellor shall be responsible, under the authority of the Chancellor and Proprietors, to uphold the Christian identity of the University. He/She shall:

  1. Promulgate, apply and enforce the Instruments of Identity by regular circulation, by seeking assent or acknowledgement (as is appropriate) from staff members and students.
  2. Preach, speak and (if ordained) preside at the Lord’s Supper on a regular basis.
  3. Ensure that the University Chaplaincy provides for regular worship and or the spiritual well-being of students and staff.
  4. Represent the University at national and international religious meetings and forums.

2. Governance
As chief executive and academic officer, the Vice Chancellor shall oversee the University operations in conjunction, cooperation and consultation with the various authorities specified in the Charter including: the Chancellor; the University Council; the Chairperson of the University Council, the Chairpersons of University Boards/Committees and other members, keeping them informed of the state of the University through formal and informal communications.  He/She shall serve as Chairman of the University Senate and set regular and special meeting times of the Senate.
The Vice Chancellor shall assure that the University remains in excellent standing as a chartered academic institution according to the Government of Uganda (through its regulatory agencies including the National Council for Higher Education) and shall: establish, update, and monitor the Strategic Plan to assure quality in respect of facilities, human resources, finances, academic and other programs for purposes of fulfilling the demands and expectations of the Proprietors.
4. Staffing
The Vice Chancellor shall be responsible for maintaining adequate human resources to carry out the work of the University and shall: ensure effective implementation of human resource policies and procedures; see that proper evaluation and promotions are carried out at all levels of staff; and take care to maintain overall staff discipline, morale and welfare.
5. Academic Affairs
The Vice Chancellor shall oversee the quality of the academic programmes, along with the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and shall: assure appropriate appointments to positions of Deans of Faculties, Department Heads and Directors of Institutes; promote and oversee academic research and staff development as appropriate to advance the reputation of the University and help meet the needs of the larger society;  assure  that  academic  programs  are  implemented in a manner consistent with the requirements of regulatory bodies.
6. Finance and Administration
The Vice Chancellor shall ensure an effective financial mobilization strategy; manage and monitor cash flow to ensure that financial obligations are met on time; and submit the annual budget and audited accounts to the University Council.
7. Student Affairs
The Vice Chancellor shall exercise policy, administrative and pastoral oversight of the students of the University through the Director of Student Affairs (Dean of Students), the Chaplaincy, Student Guild officers and other offices of the University.
8. Constituent Colleges and Other Campuses
The Vice Chancellor shall be the chief executive and academic officer of the Constituent Colleges, working through the Principals and Governing Boards of those institutions to: ensure good governance; promote designated campuses to Constituent College status, ensure academic programs administered at other campuses maintain uniform quality standards as a means of extending education more widely.
9. Development and External Relations
The Vice Chancellor shall be the chief external representative of the University at public events and conferences, both national and international and shall: maintain membership in national and international societies; represent the University on Church of Uganda bodies; represent and advocate the University’s interests with organs of Government; promote or develop relationships with; Alumni, other institutions of Higher Education and/or Research, both locally and internationally; sit on or work with the Board of Directors of UCU Holdings Limited to see that the latter fulfills its objective to benefit the University.
10. Accountability and Evaluation
The Vice Chancellor shall be accountable to the University Council as specified in the Charter. In particular, The Vice Chancellor shall take counsel with the Chancellor and the Chairman of University Council.

Preferred Skills: Qualifications for the Position of Vice Chancellor Uganda Christian University
Personal Profile
The Vice Chancellor will be a man or woman of the following personal character:

  1. A committed and practicing Christian believer who wholeheartedly (ex animo) affirms the University Instruments of Identity and whose manner of life is recognized as exemplary.
  2. If married, a “husband of one wife” (or wife of one husband), upholding an exemplary standard of Christian marriage.
  3. A member of the Church of Uganda (Anglican) or of a jurisdiction of the Anglican Communion in communion with the Church of Uganda.
  4. Excellent communication skills including use of modern communications technologies.
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills including mentoring staff, students and other members of the University community.
  6. Age 45 – 65 years.

Academic and Professional and Personal Development Profile
The Vice Chancellor should:

  1. Have earned a doctorate (academic or professional) with a record of academic and/or professional experience and accomplishments.
  2. Possess qualifications of an Associate Professor or above from a recognised University.
  3. Have at least five years of prior experience at a very senior or top level position of leadership and management (E.g. Dean/ Director) in a large organization, preferably in higher education.
  4. Pursue (and shall be allowed time, including planned study leave, to pursue), within obvious time limitations, personal academic/occupational research and writing.

Other Requirements
The Vice Chancellor shall be a Ugandan, or a non-Ugandan with broad cross-cultural knowledge and experience.
Terms and Conditions of Service
The Vice Chancellor shall be appointed on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the University Council for 5 (years) and shall be eligible for re-appointment. The position comes with a generous and competitive remuneration package.
Application Process
The University Council now invites qualified applicants to make hard copy and/ or electronic submissions (Letter of Application; comprehensive Curriculum Vitae; a Personal Statement about the call and vision one has for this position; contacts of three credible and competent referees, and copies of one’s academic and professional development documentation) to:
The Secretary
Search Committee for Position of Vice Chancellor
Uganda Christian University
PO Box 4 Mukono, Uganda
E-mail: vcsearch@ucu.ac.ug
Closing Date
Applications shall be received on or before 31st January 2019 by 5pm East African Time