What Is The Best Primary School In Uganda

What is Primary School?

A primary school, elementary school, or grade school is a school for the primary education of children who are 4 to 10 years of age.

Primary schooling follows preschool and precedes secondary schooling.

What Is The Best Primary School In Uganda

Hillside Primary School, Naalya.

Hormisdallen Primary Schools.

Namagunga Primary Boarding School.

St. Savio Junior School Kisubi.

Kampala Parents school.

Namiryango Junior Boys Primary School.

Greenhill Primary School.

Seeta Junior School, Mukono.

What age is primary school in Uganda?

The official primary school entry age in Uganda is age 6.

How many primary schools are there in Uganda?

In terms of infrastructure, in 2014, the number of Government primary schools stood at 12,203 while classroom stock was at 103,186 (ESSAPR, 2013/14).