What Is The Best Pool Heat Pump In Uganda

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another.

What Is The Best Pool Heat Pump In Uganda

Hayward Pool Heat Pumps.

Jandy Pool Heat Pumps.

Pentair Pool Heat Pumps.

Raypak Pool Heat Pumps.

Waterco Pool Heat Pumps.

Summit Pool Heat Pumps.

HydroRoyal Pool Heat Pumps.

AquaPro Pool Heat Pumps.

What should I look for when buying a Pool Heat Pump?

Aside from the size of your pool, you should also check the energy efficiency and cost of the pool heat pump that you are considering.

If you think doing this on your own might seem complicated, contact a pool heating company that can advise you to pick the right pool heat pump that is in line with your requirements.

How long should a Pool Heat Pump last?

The quality of the pool heat pump itself, including the quality of accessories and the design of the equipment, is the most decisive factor affecting the lifespan of a pool heat pump.

With proper installation and maintenance, swimming pool heat pumps can easily last five to ten years and maximize energy efficiency.

How does the Pool Heat Pump work?

As the pool water circulates through the pool pump, it passes through a filter and the heat pump heater. The heat pump heater has a fan that draws in the outside air and directs it over the evaporator coil.

Liquid refrigerant within the evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the outside air and becomes a gas.

How long should a pool heat pump run per day?

We recommend running your pool heat pump for 10-12 hours a day during summer, and 6-8 hours a day during winter.

This difference is because algae tend to grow in warmer temperatures, so keeping your heat pump on for longer during the warmer months will help to filter algae out.