What Is The Best Investment In Uganda

What is Investment?

Investment is traditionally defined as the “commitment of resources to achieve later benefits”. If an investment involves money,

then it can be defined as a “commitment of money to receive more money later”.

What Is The Best Investment In Uganda

Investment opportunities in Uganda exist in mining stone for the construction and building industry, phosphates for agriculture,

salt for domestic and chemical uses, iron ore for the iron and steel industry, and kaolin for leather tanning and pharmaceuticals.

How to start investing in Uganda?

Company Incorporation.

Tax Registration.

Investment License.

Secondary Licenses.

Work Permits.

How much do I need to invest in Uganda?

There is a threshold of USD 100,000 for foreign investors and USD 50,000 for Ugandan investors to be eligible for an investment license.

Is Investment a Good Option In Uganda?

Uganda Has a Lucrative Investment Climate

Not only that, but the country has had excellent policies, including those on foreign investment.

Such policies have seen the country maintain an average of 6.5% when it comes to economic growth before COVID-19.