What Is The Best Game Reserve In Uganda

What is a Game Reserve?

A game reserve is a large area of land where wild animals live safely or are hunted in a controlled way for sport. 

What Is The Best Game Reserve In Uganda

The Toro-Semiliki wildlife reserve gazetted in 1926 is among Uganda’s best wildlife reserves. It is located between the Kabarole and Ntoroko

Districts in western Uganda in the same region as Semliki national park.

How many Game reserves are there In Uganda?

12 Game Reserves in Uganda.

What is the biggest game reserve in Uganda?

The sprawling 3,840 square kilometers of Murchison Falls National Park, is found 300-plus kilometers northwest of Kampala,

making it Uganda’s largest protected natural area. It is also the oldest, originally established in 1952.

Which game park in Uganda is famous?

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is the most popular and visited national park in Uganda. The park stands out for its diverse landscape and wildlife.

Queen Elizabeth receives good rains compared to the Masai Maara and Serengeti hence giving visitors more panoramic views for much of the year.