What Is The Best Cow Milk In Uganda

What is Milk?

Milk is a white liquid food produced by the mammary glands of mammals. 

What Is The Best Cow Milk In Uganda

There are several dairy breeds in the world, Uganda inclusive. However, the leading milk producer is the Friesian.

How many Litres of milk does a Friesian cow produce per day in Uganda?

However, for 5 Friesian Cows, 100 liters of milk will be produced as each Dairy Animal is capable of producing 20 Litres of milk per day.

How do you increase the amount of milk in a cow?

Consider milking recently fresh cows four or more times per day. Research has shown substantial increases in milk production when cows under 30 days in milk were milked 4 to 6 times per day.

Cows gave more milk during the period of frequent milking and these increases persisted after milking frequency was decreased.

What happens if a cow has too much milk?

Overmilking can damage teat ends and compromise udder health. A simple test can help you determine if you are over or under milking.

Overmilking can lead to hyperkeratosis, putting cows at greater risk for infection.