Uganda Martyrs University School of Postgraduate Studies Courses

Uganda Martyrs University School of Postgraduate Studies Courses


The School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) at Uganda Martyrs University is mandated to coordinate and manage graduate and postgraduate programmes. The SPGS runs the Doctoral programmes at the University. In liaison with the Higher Degrees Committee, the SPGS tracks the progress of all MPhil and PhD candidates through graduate seminars, research methodology workshops and progress panels.

The SPGS also organizes the oral defense of Doctoral thesis. The SPGS receives application forms and forwards them to the respective Faculties offering the courses applied for scrutiny and recommendation on who to invite to the Graduate Admission Test (GAT).

After the GAT results are released, the Faculties advise the SPGS on the suitable number of candidates that may be admitted per Faculty and per course. The SPGS then prepares the final list and admits the qualifying students.

The SPGS coordinates the preparation of joint timetable by the Faculties for jointly organized core postgraduate courses such as research methodology, computer literacy, consultancy skills, communication skills and others.

The SPGS works with the Higher Degrees Committee and various Faculties to put in place measures to ensure and promote quality in Graduate and Postgraduate programmes.

The School offers the following courses

Doctoral Courses

  1. Doctor/Master of Philosophy (PhD) / (MPhil.)  in selected fields