UBTEB: Office of the Executive Secretary

The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) Executive Secretary Office

Strategic Objective
To provide the overall strategic leadership and management to the Directorates for smooth operation of the Secretariat.

1.    To increase public awareness of the Board and its activities; and establish and maintain collaborations and partnerships
2.    To execute the procurement and disposal processes of the Board 
3.    To support the Board accomplish its objectives by bring a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes
4.    To Provide technical support and advise to the Board and ensure proper use and accountability of the Board resources

Key Outputs of the Office
i.    Activities of Directorates coordinated
ii.   Board affairs managed  
iii.  Accountability enforced 
iv.  Information and communication strategy developed and implemented
v.   Promotional materials designed and circulated
vi.  Collaborations initiated and strengthened
vii. Press conferences organised
viii.Press releases issued
ix.  UBTEB Policies disseminated
x.   Updates on collaborations made
xi.  IEC materials developed
xii. Website updated 
xiii.TVET national awareness plan designed and implemented
xiv.Benchmarking conducted
xv. Branding and publicity strategy developed and implemented
xvi.Procurement plan developed
xvii.Technical support rendered to users
xviii.Specifications and TORs developed
xix. Audit investigations conducted
xx.  Audit reports prepared
xxi. Internal controls evaluated


Main purpose of the job:
To plan and coordinate activities in the Office of the Executive Secretary.
 Main Duties and Responsibilities: 
1.    Coordinate day-to-day activities of the office of the Executive Secretary; 
2.    Prepare periodic reports on core activities of the  Board ;
3.    Provide an interface between the Directorates, Departments and Office of the Executive Secretary;
4.    Provide regular updates to the Executive Secretary on activities of the Board;
5.    Provide support to the Executive Secretary in areas such as policy drafting, liaison with high level stakeholders, and office organisation;
6.    Make administrative decisions and establish work priorities for the Executive Secretary;
7.    Coordinate and maintain the schedules for the Executive Secretary including all the meetings and travels both within and outside the country;
8.    Develop Schedules, prepare invitations and organise documents for Board and Committee meetings;
9.    Ensure safe custody of  minutes of the Board and Committee meetings ;
10.    Extract resolutions from Board and Committee minutes and follow up on their implementation;
11.    Prepare Executive Secretary’s internal and external Communications; 
12.    Draft correspondences for the Executive Secretary;
13.    Take minutes of  Management Committee Meetings; 
14.    Develop work plans and budgets for the Office of the Executive Secretary; and 
15.    Perform any other relevant duties assigned by the supervisor.


Main purpose of the job:
To manage and provide technical support and guidance on financial performance and quality assurance services in systems of internal control, risk management and governance processes to the Board in line with the Audit Charter and International best practices.

Key Functions
1.    Review financial systems, internal controls and the Board policies to assure management of efficient and effective use of resources, accuracy of policies and procedures; 
2.    Develop work plans and budget for the unit;
3.    Manage and coordinate the Audit Function;
4.    Carry out Audit assignments in line with the international standards on auditing and in accordance with the Board Charter;
5.    Facilitate and evaluate Risk management process to ensure security of assets and prevention of fraud;
6.    Present periodic Internal Audit reports to relevant authorities;
7.    Carry out Audit inspection and Performance Audit;
8.    Implement Board recommendations;
9.    Serve as Secretary to the board Audit committee
10.    Control receipt custody and utilization of financial resources;
11.    Supervise, motivate and appraise direct reportees in the unit;
12.    Review financial and operational procedures to ensure value for money;


Main Purpose
To coordinate and manage the procurement of goods, works or service and   advise management on procurement processes and procedures.

 Duties and Responsibilities
1.    Manage all procurement or disposal activities of the procuring and disposing entity except adjudication and the award of contracts;
2.    Support the functioning of the Contracts Committee;
3.    Implement the decisions of the Contracts Committee;
4.    Liaise directly with PPDA on matters within its jurisdiction;
5.    Act as a secretariat to the Contracts Committee;
6.    Plan the procurement and disposal activities of the Board;
7.    Recommend procurement and disposal procedures;
8.    Check and prepare statements of requirements;
9.    Prepare bid documents;
10.    Prepare advertisements of bid opportunities;
11.    Issue bidding documents;
12.    Maintain a providers list;
13.    Prepare contract documents;
14.    Issue approved contract documents;
15.    Maintain and archive records of the procurement and disposal process;
16.    Prepare monthly reports for the Contracts Committee;
17.    Co-ordinate the procurement and disposal activities of all the departments of the Board;
18.    Prepare any other such reports as may be required from time to time.
19.    Supervise, mentor and appraise direct reportees in the unit
20.    Enforcing adhering to procurement regulations (Government or Donor);
21.    Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Purpose of the job
To develop and implement communication and information strategies aimed at promoting  public awareness of UBTEB functions and services.

Duties and Responsibilities 
1.    Design and implement a Communications Strategy for the Board;
2.    Maintain channels of communication with relevant international and inter-governmental organizations and agencies;
3.    Inform stakeholders about  policies, plans and guidelines of UBTEB;
4.    Manage UBTEB website and other social media platforms;
5.    Organize and coordinate press conferences;
6.    Issue press releases, adverts and articles publicizing UBTEB in print media ;
7.    Prepare and upgrade UBTEB branded promotional materials including signpost(s), banners, brochures, fliers, website, T-Shirts, caps and others;
8.    Build a network of relevant and supportive stakeholders;
9.    Develop client service procedures, policies and standards; 
10.    Supervise, mentor and appraise direct reportees in the unit; and 
11.    Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisors.

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