Tumu Medical Institute

Tumu Medical Institute

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TUMU Medical Institute is located in Rugongo, Karungu -in the newly created district of Buhweju in western Uganda, which aims at increasing access to basic health care by the Ugandan population through the delivery of Health Care. TUMU Medical Institute (TMI) is one of the few fully registered Institutes in Uganda with Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda Nurses and Midwives council under registration No MoES/BITVET/188. TUMU Medical Institute (TMI) is is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Registration No 052 and has an Examinations Center Number (041) by the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (UNMEB) after satisfactorily fulfilling all the necessary requirements.

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Tumu Medical Institute Contact Address
Tumu Medical Institute Contact Address
Location: Rugongo, Karungu, Buhweju
Tel: +256-78-7643479
Email: info@tumuhospital.ug
Website: www.tumuhospital.ug
Postal service: Box 1503 Mbarara, Uganda