The UBTEB Board

UBTEB Board – The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board

The UBTEB Chairperson and Members are appointed by the Minister responsible for Ministry of Education and Sports. The Chairperson is appointed from among the members of the Board by the Minister. It is provided that 15 Members will constitute the Board. The members are drawn from constituents and professionals representing Public Universities, Private Universities, and Principals of training institutions.

The others include the employers, Public Service Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda National Examinations Board, National Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Trade Tourism and Industry, Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Ministry of Energy, and Directorate of Industrial Training.

The Board can co-opt any reasonable number of persons for purposes of discharging its mandate. Members serve tenure of three years and are eligible for reappointment for one more time. 

Committees of the Board

The Committees of the Board are:  Finance and  Administration Committee; Appointments and Disciplinary Committee; Business Education Examinations Committee; Biological Sciences Examinations Committee; Physical Sciences Examinations Committee; Examinations Research Committee; Examinations Security Committee; Audit Committee; any other Committees as the Board may from time to time determine and appoint. In respect of this provision, the Board formed the Technical and Vocational Education Examinations Committee.

Functions of the Board

The functions of the Board are stated by the statutory instruments 2009 No.9 as;

i.To Conduct Business Technical Examinations for specialized training Institutions in Uganda; 

ii.Accredit theory and practical examination centers used for conduct of the examinations; 

iii.Make rules regulating the conduct of the examinations; 

iv.Establish and oversee practical and theoretical question banks; 

v.Publish examinations papers; 

vi.Establish and maintain a data base of the examination results; Collaborate with other bodies relevant to its functions; 

vii.Provide feedback to training institutions on examinations;

viii.Award certificates and diplomas to successful candidates in such examinations; 

ix.Present examination results to the Minister for release to the public

x.May with approval of the Minister delay, nullify, withhold results for a reasonable cause.

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