Stafford University Uganda Admission Requirements

Stafford University Uganda Admission Requirements

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Let us Help you Apply

Each applicant to Stafford University is considered with great care. We consider each applicant to SUU as a whole person, and put enormous care into evaluating every application. We hope you will explore the information in this section to understand what we look for in our admissions process.

Admission & Registration Guildelines

Admission to Stafford University is entirely on merit and on the basis of ability to achieve. The University operates an admissions policy which ensures equality of opportunity to all applicants. Applications are welcomed from students with excellent academic potential and the university recognizes the importance of admitting applicants to a course suited to their ability and aspirations. The selection process therefore takes account of all aspects of an application and not just an applicant’s academic profile.

How to Apply

Application forms can be picked from the main campus at a cost of 40,000 ugx. We have an enrollment office that offers carrier guidance to applicants and gives information about the course of interest and Stafford. Forms can also be downloaded from the university website.