REB Rwanda Teacher Placement in Secondary Schools in All Districts

Rwanda Education Board (REB) Has announced the Teachers Placement in Secondary Schools – Phase 3 / January. all Lists both General and Claims are Listed Below.

Check Where You Are Now in the Below all district Lists

REB Rwanda Teacher Placement in Secondary Schools in All Districts

Bugesera ph3001875.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:58
 Burera ph3001873.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 10:57
 Gakenke ph3001883.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 11:02
 Gasabo ph3001882.pdf5 MB11.01.2021 11:01
 Gatsibo ph3001876.pdf6 MB11.01.2021 10:58
 Gicumbi ph3001881.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 11:01
 Gisagara ph3001884.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 11:02
 Huye ph3001880.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 11:00
 Kamonyi ph3001879.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 11:00
 Karongi ph3001878.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:59
 Kayonza ph3001877.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 10:59
 Kicukiro ph3001887.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 11:04
 Kirehe ph3001866.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:54
 Muhanga ph3001865.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:54
 Musanze ph3001864.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:53
 Ngoma ph3001874.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:57
 Ngororero ph3001868.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:55
 Nyabihu ph3001863.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 10:52
 Nyagatare ph3001861.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:51
 nyamagabo ph3001858.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:49
 Nyamasheke ph3001869.pdf5 MB11.01.2021 10:56
 Nyanza ph3001862.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 10:52
 Nyarugenge ph3001860.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:51
 Nyaruguru ph3001867.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:55
 Rubavu ph3001859.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:50
 Ruhango ph3001888.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 11:04
 Rurindo ph3001889.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 11:05
 Rusizi ph3001871.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:56
 Rutsiro ph3001886.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 11:03
 Rwamagana ph3001885.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 11:03
CLAIMS FOR SECONDARY.pdf799 KB11.01.2021 10:47

Rwanda REB Results: result by National Examinations Results – The Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC) is responsible for the overall administration, regulation, and supervision of national examinations and accreditation in primary and secondary schools in Rwanda.

Rwanda REB:

Rwanda Education Board (REB) was established on 07/12/2010 to improve Rwanda’s Education quality, build the capacities and management of teachers, loans, and scholarships, monitor the distance learning program, and promote the use of information and communication technology in education.

Rwanda Education Board (REB), Rwanda is responsible for conducting expatiation likes

  • A’LEVEL (S6): Advanced Secondary School level
  • O’LEVEL (S3): Ordinary Secondary School level
  • PRIMARY (P6): Primary Leaving National Examination: