Nile University Uganda Special Examinations

Nile University Uganda Special Examinations

A student who is unable to do any final assessment during assessment week in either semester by a medical condition as may be testified by an approved Medical practioner / university nurse, or by other reasons as may be considered by the faculty board and by Senate in their absolute discretion as genuine, may be allowed to take special examinations in each of the courses involved before being promoted to the next year of study, and for a student in the third year, before being awarded a degree. In both cases, the transcript will bear the actual mark gained.

Special examinations are normally held in August prior to the next academic year o Students who are sick during the final assessment period are advised that if they sit a final assessment and fail the course, they will normally be required to take a supplementary examination. These courses are marked on a pass / fail level only, and the mark on the transcript shall read 50, if the student passes the course.

All students with valid medical or social reasons during time of continuous assessments are required to notify the dean or assistant registrar in advance and to endeavor to submit the necessary documentation to the Dean’s office in support of their case. Valid social reasons must be attested to by the Assistant Registrar. Students must report to the Assistant Registrar before leaving campus. This in turn must be reported to the Dean. Students who do not inform University authorities in advance cannot normally submit medical or other certificates retrospectively.

Students who for valid medical or social reasons miss a continuous assessment may be allowed to do a different assessment to make up for the assignment missed. However, if a student does not have a valid medical or social reason for missing such assessments they shall receive zero on said assessment.

 Bordeline Case

A student who has passed all of her / his course except for one in which he / she received 48 – 49 will have attendance and general participation in courses and class work taken into consideration. That student may be allowed to proceed to the next year of study and the mark on the transcript will read 50.