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Our attention has been drawn to a news bulletin aired on 08th November 2023, on NTVU and
captioned “Uganda being Led by Mediocre”, in which the Inspectorate of Government, Hon.
Betty Olive Namisango Kamya was concerned with the increasing levels of forgeries/ falsification of Academic documents by persons employed by the Government in the different civil services. There are people out there who use modern technology to forge or falsify academic documents.

Being aware of the damaging effects of this concern raised by the IGG, the Office of the Academic Registrar, Makerere University, hereby decided to make an open call to ALL Employers and Managers of Higher Education Institutions, to verify with us the authenticity and validity of academic documents of persons who claim and hold qualifications awarded by Makerere University.

Our call is pegged on the need for employers to undertake regular and periodic audits and quality checks of the qualifications and competence of persons who work/study in your different institutions.



  1. Go to students’ Results

2. Enter the Registration Number (eg. 06/U/3041/EVE)

3. Click on the Dropdown button and select the Faculty/Institute/School/College where the Student follow

4. Then Log in

5. Go to View Students Results

6. Then full results plus students’ Photo will be displayed

NOTE: “You can only view but you cannot alter these results”

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