Livingstone International University Grading System

Livingstone International University Grading System

Assessment and Grading

Assessment will be ongoing throughout the programme. Students must demonstrate critical thinking abilities through participation in class discussion. Periodic quizzes and exams will test knowledge retention. In addition, projects and papers will be assigned to determine research abilities and practical application of knowledge. The timing and weighting of these assessments will be as prescribed in the university examination regulations.

The grading scale will follow NCHE Statutory Instrument No. 35:

All International applicants must submit their respective academic documents/results to Uganda National Examination Board( UNEB), or Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) or Uganda Nursing and Midwives Examination Board (UNMEB)  for verification and equating to  meet the minimum requirements for qualification to diploma or degree programmes.

Certificates from non – English speaking countries must be taken to Makerere University Institute of Languages for translation into before equating commences.

Gradings Class Remarks
4.4 – 5.0 First Class Excellent
3.6 – 4.39 Second Class Upper Very Good
2.8 – 3.59 Second Class Lower Good
2.0 – 2.79 Satisfactory Pass Pass

Students will receive course credit for any passing grade. However, in some cases, a higher grade may be required for acceptance into upper level classes.