List Of Dinaledi Schools In Uganda

List Of Dinaledi Schools In Uganda

About Dinaledi Schools

The Dinaledi Schools Project was established in 2005 under the National Strategy for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, with the aim of improving the marks in and quality of teaching in maths and science. It now has more the 550 participating schools across Uganda. The project is showing positive results in most of its schools, especially in science. In more than half of Dinaledi schools are achieving a pass rate of 70% – 100% in maths and science, while 31% of schools have a pass rate of between 40% and 70%. Maths is still lagging behind somewhat, with only a 3% improvement in pass rates for Dinaledi schools between 2009 and 2011.

Obstacles to overcome – List Of Dinaledi Schools In Uganda

One of the major stumbling blocks to achieving better enrolment in maths and science is learner perceptions. Many are afraid of the subjects that are viewed as difficult and a cause of failure.  Motivational sessions are being used to address this.

Teaching skills shortage is also a problem – a bursary programme has been implemented to improve this issue by bringing more maths and science teachers out of college. There is also a focus on improving current teachers’ abilities to teach more difficult concepts.

Help needed

What does dinaledi mean?

To help improve the effectiveness of the Dinaledi Schools Project, the adopt-a-school programme was launched to mobilise resources for schools through public-private partnership

The word “Lesedi” means “light” in the Setswana language, which is one of the languages commonly spoken in this part of South Africa. The word “naledi” means “star” in the Sesotho language, and the word “Dinaledi” means “stars”.

Where is the rising star cave located?

The Rising Star cave system (also known as Westminster or Empire cave) is located in the Malmani dolomites, in Bloubank River valley, about 800 meters (0.50 miles; 2,600 feet) southwest of Swartkrans, part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa.

When was Naledi discovered?

Homo naledi. History of Discovery: Fossil hominins were first discovered in the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star Cave system in South Africa during an expedition led by Lee Berger beginning October 2013.