List Of Clinical Psychology Schools In Uganda

Psychology School is a field that applies principles of educational psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, community psychology, and applied behavior analysis to meet children’s and adolescents’ behavioral health and learning needs in a collaborative manner with educators and parents.

Clinical psychology is the psychological specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioural health care for individuals and families; consultation to agencies and communities; training, education and supervision; and research-based practice. It is a specialty in breadth one that is broadly inclusive of severe psychopathology and marked by comprehensiveness and integration of knowledge and skill from a broad array of disciplines within and outside of psychology proper. The scope of clinical psychology encompasses all ages, multiple diversities and varied systems.

Here are the List Of Clinical Psychology Schools In Uganda

Makerere University School of Psychology

Uganda Christian University Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Uganda Martyrs University Master of Mental Health Counseling Psychology

Nkumba University Master of Mental Health Counseling Psychology

Mbarara University of Science and Technology School of Psychology

Ndejje University Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MCP)

Kyambogo University Department of Psychology

How much are psychologists paid in Uganda?

Salary range for the majority of workers in Psychologists – from USh385,866 to USh2,636,633 per month – 2022. A Psychologists typically earns between USh385,866 and USh1,862,448 net per month at the start of the job.

How long to become a clinical psychologist?

What the clinical psychology doctorate involves. As regards the doctorate itself, Sonia says: ‘The doctorate course lasts three years and includes teaching, five or six clinical placements, coursework/essays and a doctoral dissertation.

What qualifications do I need to be a clinical psychologist?

You will need a 3-year Taught Doctorate in Clinical Psychology to gain eligibility to be registered by the HPC (Health Professions Council) enabling you to become (and use the protected title) Clinical Psychologist, and to be eligible to be registered as a Chartered Psychologist (C Psychol) with the BPS.

Is becoming a clinical psychologist hard?

Being a clinical psychologist is a rewarding career. It is challenging and it’s hard work, but it’s a wonderful feeling to see people make improvements that make their lives happier and more manageable.

Can I become a clinical psychologist without a psychology degree?

As such, you don’t need a psychology degree to start training. Instead, you need to have a background in one of the listed ‘Core Professions’, which include Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Social Work, amongst others.