Kumi University Mission and Vision

Kumi University Mission and Vision

Godliness and Excellence for Servant-hood.

To be a world class centre for quality and affordable,community tailored higher education.

To respond to Gods call and needs of individual and communities in Uganda and the great lakes region through partnership in higher education, training and capacity building as God enables by his Grace.

We are glad you’re here. KUMU is Unique in terms of its History, Location, Vision and Mission.  It was founded by Korean Missionary couple Hyeong Lyeol Lyu and Mrs. Minja Lee in 1999. It developed from Africa Leaders’ Training Institute (ALTI), which was established in 1996 to meet the demands of the local community.

The University Foundation was then approved by Ugandan Government in 2004 with document No. 66491. The University later acquired the operational License the same year with National Council For Higher Education NCHE (UI..PL..002 NCHE).