Kisiizi School of Nursing

Kisiizi School of Nursing

About Kisiizi School of Nursing

Kisiizi School of Nursing was founded on a Christian background in 1998 by C.O.U Kisiizi Hospital. It has a motto: “Compassion and Competence”. As well as academic success, we aim to instil Christian virtues and the ability to give holistic care to patients both in the hospital and community.

The School’s Mission Statement is:

“To develop a professionally trained nurse who will competently meet the health needs of the Ugandan community with a particular emphasis on Christian values, attitudes and compassionate behaviour as an integral part of the health care delivery”

The pioneer group was 14 students, both male and female with two Tutors – Ms Dorcas Katali, and Mrs. Hazel Leonard from United Kingdom. The two were assisted by specialized nurses from the hospital and later by two trained Clinical Instructors.

In 2008 the School of Nursing celebrated its 10th anniversary which also was the time of the hospital’s Golden Jubilee.

Students are encouraged through daily worship, fellowship and weekly Bible study. Many take an active part also in leading services, participating in the choir and there are many opportunities in preaching both in our daily chapel services and daily services on the wards which are really appreciated by all the patients.

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Kisiizi School of Nursing is located in the South-Western region of Uganda in Rukungiri district, Rubabo County, Nyarushanje sub-county. It is a distance of about 380 kilometers from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The School and Hospital is surrounded by beautiful hills, water streams and has a water fall feature from which our electricity comes from.Sponsored Links


P.O Box 109, Kabale, UGANDA
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