January REB Rwanda Teacher Waiting List in Secondary Schools

Rwanda Education Board (REB) announced the Teacher’s Waiting List in Secondary Schools – in January.

January REB Rwanda Teacher Waiting List in Secondary Schools

Check if you are  on the Waiting List Now in the Below  district Lists

 Bugesera00185020210111084054.pdf355 KB11.01.2021 10:40
 Burera00184920210111084026.pdf283 KB11.01.2021 10:40
 Gakenke00184820210111084003.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:40
 Gatsibo00185220210111084151.pdf366 KB11.01.2021 10:41
 Gicumbi00184720210111083933.pdf4 MB11.01.2021 10:39
 Gisagara00185320210111084216.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:42
 Kamonyi00184620210111083854.pdf2 MB11.01.2021 10:38
 Karongi00184120210111083633.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:36
 Kayonza00184020210111083603.pdf286 KB11.01.2021 10:36
 Kicukiro00183920210111083528.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:35
 Kirehe00183820210111083441.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:34
 Muhanga00183720210111083407.pdf368 KB11.01.2021 10:34
 Ngoma00184520210111083817.pdf282 KB11.01.2021 10:38
 Nyabihu00185120210111084120.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:41
 Nyagatare00182920210111082921.pdf298 KB11.01.2021 10:29
 Nyamagabe00183020210111082959.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:30
 Nyamasheke00183120210111083032.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:30
 Nyanza00183220210111083059.pdf3 MB11.01.2021 10:31
 Nyarugenge00183320210111083135.pdf309 KB11.01.2021 10:31
 Nyaruguru00183520210111083248.pdf829 KB11.01.2021 10:32
 Nyaruguru100183620210111083310.pdf832 KB11.01.2021 10:33
 Rubavu00183420210111083211.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:32
 Ruhango00184220210111083703.pdf1 MB11.01.2021 10:37
 Rurindo00184420210111083756.pdf329 KB11.01.2021 10:37
 Rwamagana00184320210111083730.pdf665 KB11.01.2021 10:37

Rwanda REB Results: www.reb.rw result by National Examinations Results – The Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC) is responsible for the overall administration, regulation, and supervision of national examinations and accreditation in primary and secondary schools in Rwanda.

Rwanda REB:

Rwanda Education Board (REB) was established on 07/12/2010 to improve Rwanda’s Education quality, build the capacities and management of teachers, loans, and scholarships, monitor the distance learning program, and promote the use of information and communication technology in education.

Rwanda Education Board (REB), Rwanda is responsible for conducting expatiation likes

  • A’LEVEL (S6): Advanced Secondary School level
  • O’LEVEL (S3): Ordinary Secondary School level
  • PRIMARY (P6): Primary Leaving National Examination:

REB Result :

  • REB Rwanda is also responsible for the publication of Primary to advanced-level national examination results. Rwanda Education Board (REB) allows students to check the reb result in a very easy way. REB also analyses results and produces performance statistics.
  • REB announced their result in the web portal www.reb.rw, once the results are published candidates or schools whose results are withheld or cancelled is also notified by the board.
  • All results will be issued by REB as soon as the award and processing of marks are completed for each centre. A list of all candidates showing their subject results and their overall performance will be printed and candidates will be able to view their results online through SMS on mobile phones or on the website. The result slips for individual candidates will also be printed and delivered to examination centres.