Ibanda University Contact Address

Ibanda University Contact Address

P .O. Box 35 Ibanda – Uganda;

Tel: +2564146948231, 0702546056, 0756644494, 078644494

Email: ibandauni2013@gmail.com, ibandauniversity@gmail.com

  • Jan: NCHE invites IU Planning Committee to present the ‘defense’ of the proposal. Revisions suggested.
  • Feb-May: Revisions undertaken and final proposal submitted
  • June 23rd: NCHE invites IU Planning Committee to pick ‘Letter of Interim Authority’. Interim Authority provides a THREE YEAR lease!
  • July – Dec: ‘Interim Authority’ permits IU Planning Committee to:
  • Acquire assets and develop them for the project
  • Popularize the IU project (media, banners, liaison offices, etc.),
  • Fundraising in view of fulfillment of necessities for its success
  • Attract and recruit technical and support staff
  • Establish offices e.g. liaison office, etc.
  • Regularly exchange progress reports with NCHE


  • Popularity of the project blossomed
  • All legalities completed
  • Liaison office in place
  • Governing Council and Senior Management (VC, US, AR, Deans and HODs in place)and a growing volume of applicants for staffing positions
  • No funding from development banks but IU Planning Committee ready to start construction on whatever is available (fundraising continues)
  • Particular sourcing from sister Alliance institutions – Alliance S.S.S. and Alliance Vocational School
  • Commencement of finalizing site plans and their approvals, building materials, electricity, water and a truck for building done

IU Planning Committee shared several progress reports to NCHE