How to Use the African Rural University Uganda ARU Library

How to Use the African Rural University Uganda ARU Library

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African Rural University Library is organized in a way that allows an open access use by all its clients. The users can use shelf guides to locate for any resource they want from ARU library.

Guidelines are very well provided to enable users to access the vast library resources without difficulty. Our library is more than just a place for reading and research but an environment made simple for a user to carry out self guided study and an interactive online development reading.

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African Rural University is a value-based all women university that offers a professional discipline in Rural Development and enables students, staff and supporters have a shared vision and purpose;

An institution that has governance and management systems that nurture and promote participatory decision making, transformational education, training and endogenous knowledge development; products which include community practice, publications, public lectures, library, Rural Transformation Specialists and Research Methodology based on the Visionary Approach; Professional Board of Trustees, Council, Staff and Promoters grounded in the principles of the creative process, disciplines of a learning organization and holistic development.

ARU has a sustainable resource base and collaborates with public, private and academic institutions, Civil Society organizations, the donor community that share similar philosophy of empowerment of rural people for self-reliance.

ARU Mission
The African Rural University for women provides transformational education to create effective change agents within an African development context. ARU applies theoretical learning, innovative instruction and field practice, so that ARU graduates can create conditions for people to improve their lives, transform their communities, awaken inherent leadership and increase their capacity for self-generating and sustainable change.